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Help for schools

To the Editor,

A few weeks ago, The Review published my letter requesting donations of learning materials for The Livingston Parish School District in Louisiana, one of the school districts that experienced monumental damage from last month’s unprecedented and deadly flooding. I grew up in Baton Rouge, so this campaign for help is very close to my heart. Last week, The Review also published a feature article about Plymouth School District’s efforts to “adopt” the Livingston Parish School District in Louisiana. Thank you, Review, for helping to spread the word about helping the children of Louisiana whose homes and schools were damaged.

The publicity has inspired some of the most generous and heartwarming acts of kindness that I have ever witnessed. Not only are many students and staff members from the Plymouth School District working together to gather learning materials to send to Louisiana, but many other groups and organizations have joined the donation campaign including: St. John the Baptist School of Plymouth, the Plymouth Intergenerational Center, LEWSPA International, Bethlehem Lutheran School of Sheboygan, First United Lutheran Church of Sheboygan, Target of Kohler, WalMart of Plymouth, Neenah Paper (donating 13 pallets of paper) transported to Plymouth by N & M Transfer Company, First Immanuel Lutheran Church and School of Cedarburg, Sabish Middle School of Fond du Lac, and the list of donating groups and individuals is growing as I write.

Again, we are primarily seeking to gather donations of school supplies and learning materials, K-12 books, and monetary gifts. We are unable to collect clothing and food donations at this time. Most importantly, please bring donated items (in a sturdy, unsealed box if possible) to Plymouth High School no later than 8 AM on Friday, September 30 where the donated trucks from Johnsonville and Sargento will be loaded for their 1000-mile trek to Louisiana. (For more information, visit my website via the school website: or contact me via email: jnewton@plymouth.

Thank you to the wonderful people of Southeastern Wisconsin for helping our friends in Louisiana!! We have a few more days to fill those trucks with donations!!! Let’s make them overflow!

Janet DeJean Newton

PHS English, Speech, and

Drama Teacher

Voting overhaul

Dear Sir:

Recently two articles have appeared in area newspapers that present information about voting changes in Wisconsin and how they impact elections. Read- ers can Google the title of those articles. One article was titled “Review finds no voter impersonation problem,” authored by Sami Edge and Sean Holstege of News21. The other was titled “Tenets of Voting Rights Act being steadily eroded,” authored by Emily M. Mahoney of News21.

One has to be amazed by the changes made in Wisconsin’s voting and election laws. So many partisan changes were made by legislators of the majority party that one can easily see it is for political self-interest.

Restrictions are placed on voters who one side thinks are more likely to vote for the other side. Courts are working to fix the discriminatory laws that have been passed. That may continue in our legislature as new candidates are elected who believe a healthy democracy begins with large voter turnouts. Along with courts becoming more skeptical of the overreach on voter restrictions, legislators will be more careful of what they enact.

An underlying issue that must be fixed to support fair voting and election laws is how we do redistricting. The severe gerrymandering that went on with redistricting in 2010-11 unfairly determines election outcomes. That continues today as the courts again are considering its constitutionality.

November’s general election will provide another opportunity for citizens to help us move in the direction of having a fair redistricting process and also fixing the discriminatory nature of the many voting-election laws.

Our incumbent legislators in the 25th, 26th, and 27th Assembly Districts had that opportunity and did not do so. The candidates that oppose them want to make the necessary changes to strengthen our democracy. It is time for a change!

Anita Klein

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