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To the Editor,

I share with readers, Nanette Bulebosh’s words from her website, “Nanette for Assembly,” regarding our Wisconsin government. She is a candidate for the 27th Assembly District seat.

She says, ”Wisconsin used to be the gold standard for honest, clean, and transparent government ... This all changed in 2011, when our new governor and the majority party began trashing key parts of our state’s democracy ... Our onceeffective campaign finance law was dismantled in 2015, and we now have one of the worst systems in the country. It gives more power to special interests and allows secret money to flow without limit.”

Recently released John Doe documents that came from the investigation into campaign fi- nance violations indicate that a seemingly “pay for play” corporate campaign donation system was secretly used during Governor Walker’s recall election as he “legally” coordinated with outside political groups.

The documents reveal that a $750,000 donation from a company that produced lead paint, benefited from laws passed that granted immunity to lead paint manufacturers from lawsuits!? The Wisconsin Supreme Court stopped the John Doe investigation and “clarified” that the activities being investigated are “legal,” that is, the law allows campaigns to coordinate with socalled issue advocacy groups.

Majority opinion Justices Prosser and Gableman (who wrote the opinion) were recipients of past campaign donations from the same groups.

Area incumbent legislators “toed the line” with Republican leadership and continued Wisconsin’s low bar in having clean, open, transparent government. They voted to exempt political crimes and abuse of power from John Doe investigations, they voted to increase the amount of political contributions, and they allowed corporations to make contribu- tions along with allowing coordination between politicians and “independent groups.”

Vote to start the return of Wisconsin “to be the gold standard for honest, clean and transparent government” by replacing area incumbents in November!

John Binder


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