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To The Editor:

Americans are preparing to vote next month, hoping to change the corrupt and incompetent bureaucratic mess that is our government in Washington, DC.

Firmly entrenched politicians, beholding to special interests and piles of campaign cash, no longer represent the best interests of our country and the citizens they were elected to serve.

In Wisconsin, we have an opportunity to return a hard working Senator to Congress. Ron Johnson has accomplished more for our state in one term than his predecessor, Russ Feingold, did in three terms.

While Russ Feingold sat by and watched the Vets in our state struggle with a dysfunctional VA Hospital in Tomah, Ron Johnson intervened and worked hard to fix the mess. Senator Johnson, with his support of the “Joseph program” helped unemployed workers find good jobs with Wisconsin Companies that were hiring.

Senator Johnson has earned the respect of his colleagues in Congress and was chosen to chair one of the most influential committees in his first term. Senator Feingold on the other hand, never attained a major committee appointment.

Unlike Senator Johnson, Feingold has never worked in the private sector. He does not have a clue about what we do in the real world. He has fed at the public trough all his working life.

When Senator Feingold was fired in 2010 by the voters of Wisconsin, like most of the “DC insiders” he rolled over into another cushy government job in The State Department. From there, he moved on to an overpaid teaching position in California. You ask why college costs have exploded for our kids?

Russ Feingold represents everything that is wrong in our government. He was supposed to be representing Wisconsin during his 18 years in Congress. Instead he became part of the problem.

He is one of the coastal elites that lives in Georgetown and works in California. He no longer understands the concerns of Wisconsin citizens. Somehow, during his sabatical from “public service”, he was able to amass an obscene slush fund that is being used to fund his campaign.

Senator Ron Johnson will continue to work hard to serve all the citizens of Wisconsin and OUR Nation. Regardless of your political affiliations, he deserves our support and vote on November 8th.


J A Meves

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