Eclectic collections to be shown

Collectors and their Collections will be the focus of the Third Saturday program on October 15th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Sheboygan County Historical Museum, 3110 Erie Avenue in Sheboygan.

Collecting is an activity that just about anyone can do. One simply needs to find a subject that has personal meaning and then set aside the time, and sometimes money, to find the items needed. From the popular collectables like baseball cards to the unique item, almost anything can be collected.

To collect, one needs to know the details. A collection is valued on the rare items that are a part of it. The slightest flaw can make an item important. The coloration of an action figure’s head to a misspelled word, the smallest detail is what matters. It makes the item rare which makes it hard to find.

The search is a large reason some people decide to collect and finding the item being searched for brings a feeling of accomplishment that cannot be beat. There is a sense of pride in showing a collection. Collectors, and especially museums, understand this.

Those sharing their collections will be Augie Margenau sharing his collection of premiums, the items one would receive from sending in box tops, a truly unique item to collect.

Cathy Retzak will be sharing her collection of Barbie Dolls. “Barbies” are some of the most collected items, and one that will surely bring back memories, especially for the women.

Father and son, Keith and Aiden Kraemer, will be sharing their collection of PEZ Dispensers. These are the little candy dispensers that are in the form of characters and other objects.

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