Changes coming to garbage collection in county

GARBAGE – WE ALL MAKE it, we all have it and we all have to get rid of it. The first two of those are easy, while the last can sometimes be a challenge.

And subject to change as well – as Sheboygan County residents whose garbage is collected by Advanced Disposal will be finding out soon.

Some of the changes are being instituted by Advanced, while others are being instituted by the municipalities that contract with Advanced to collect residential garbage – which is most of the municipalities in the county.

In the city of Plymouth, one change is something that most of the rest of the county has already switched to – using standardized wheeled carts for garbage and recycling.

Each household in the city will be receiving two of the plastic carts – one for regular garbage, one for recyclables – soon and will be required to utilize them, and nothing else, to put out their garbage for collection.

The carts will be provided free of charge by Advanced, which will also replace any carts which are damaged in the future.

Using the carts will enable Advanced to switch the city to one-day-aweek garbage collection, instead of the current four days with manual collection, similar to the schedule Advanced follows in the rest of the county.

For three-quarters of the city, that will mean getting used to a new day to put out garbage, and for everyone it will mean getting used to using the carts instead of putting out bags, cans or whatever else their garbage was contained in.

Residents of other communities, like Elkhart Lake, will be getting used to a new day for garbage collection as well, as Advanced standardizes its collection schedule to divide the county into geographical groupings that will make garbage collection easier and quicker.

In addition to making garbage collection more efficient, the new schedule and carts will make garbage collection safer for Advanced employees.

Additionally, for the city of Plymouth, switching to one-day-a-week collection instead of four days means that garbage will be out on the street just one day out of the week instead of four, which will make for a neater and cleaner city.

Those in Elkhart Lake will also start adjusting to another new facet of garbage collection – a garbage fee added to their property tax bill starting this December.

Plymouth residents – as well as residents of many other municipalities in the county – have been paying such a fee for a number of years now for both garbage collection and recycling.

Plymouth residents will see both of those fees increasing over the next decade until they cover the full cost of garbage collection – an increase from the total fee of $52.50 now to somewhere around $150 by 2026.

All of this might be a lot of change for some to absorb, but when it comes down to keeping our communities cleaner and safer, it’s a price we can all pay. After all, the garbage isn’t going anywhere on its own.

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