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To the Editor,

Recently a letter writer posted an opinion piece in some area newspapers with so many misstatements that I had to write a rebuttal. Many of my points also challenge the commercials that misrepresent the record and positions of Russ Feingold who is running for the U.S. Senate seat against Ron Johnson.

The letter began by stating that Russ did nothing about the VA in Tomah. Russ left office in 2010. The VA scandal began in 2011. The letter also said that he never had any major committee appointments. Russ served on budget, judiciary, foreign relations and intelligence committees.

The writer implied that public employees are, “eating at the public trough.” How does he feel about Sen. Johnson feeding at the Koch brothers’ unlimited trough of money made on the backs of underpaid workers? I think that teachers, social workers, police officers, fire fighters, and other public employees are among the hardest working and least compensated employees.

The writer also complained about “overpaid teacher positions.” I wonder if he's ever complained about businesses who compensate CEO's, but let employees work for such low wages that they need public assistance?

The writer went on to say that Russ doesn't understand the concerns of Wisconsin citizens. But Russ did 72 county listening tours. He worked to end the disastrous Iraq war. He worked to end the deficit. He worked on campaign finance reform and against unfair trade agreements. He believes in health care for all, and helping students with college loan debt. He believes in equal pay for women. Russ is known as a "political maverick with an independent streak.” He is known for honesty and his work ethic.

Wisconsin needs a new senator who believes we must work together to have strong communities with good paying jobs so that all can look forward to a secure retirement.

It is time for a change. Vote “Russ” in November!

Deb Klock


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