Selina rewarded with first buck

This week’s column is a great one if you like to read about a kid that has paid her dues and finally hit paydirt. Read on you, will have a pleasant experience

Saturday, Oct. 8

High 54, Low 30

So it is Wisconsin’s Youth Deer Hunt. My daughter Selina is 15 which means this is her final YDH. Selina has done a lot of whitetail hunting and so far harvested two does with a muzzleloader and one with a rifle but never a buck.

Last year, Selina passed up a five-pointer and a spike on the first morning of Wisconsin’s YDH and by the end of November was wishing she had squeezed the trigger on the five-pointer.

Two things have hurt Selina’s odds: too many wolves where we do our rifle hunting, and warm weather on the YDH which keeps the deer from moving until after dark.

This year the scenario had its own challenge in that it is the Necedah Cardinals’ Homecoming and Selina is really into both the football game and the dance.

In other words, camping is kind of out as Selina has to be in Necedah both nights before the next morning’s hunt and cannot take part in the Saturday afternoon hunt.

Ben Gruber is the vice president of KAMO (Kids And Mentors Outdoors) and a good buddy of mine. Ben and Angie Gruber have a farm near Auburndale in Wood County that is in CRP and forestland. Selina and I hunted here two years ago and had no luck but tried very hard during that years YDH.

The Gruber farm is about 60 minutes from my home, and 10 days ago Ben and I picked out a spot on a creek in a wooded funnel between two CRP fields and put out a two-man ladder stand and a portable above it.

Last night, the Cardinals put a hurting on the Hillsboro Tigers and the next thing you know Selina and I are in our tree stands and we have an hour before it gets light out.

We were not sitting there five minutes when a deer that we could only hear, came busting out of the brush and ran directly below us in the creek.

Side note, this will tell you that I clearly am a redneck. I put 3 pounds of fresh cow manure in a ziplock bag and rubbed it all over our tree. It works if you are in cattle country.

So now it is pretty light out and just like that, 30 feet from Selina, is a beautiful mature doe. There is a problem. It is directly to her right and the arm of the ladder stand is in Selina’s way for maneuvering her BAR 30:06.

This experience, in which the doe was slowly going away, lasted a few minutes. She actually vanished in the brush and then made a very fatal mistake when she made an appearance. The 150-grain bullet hit her perfectly behind the shoulder and it was lights out before she hit the ground.

We did not make the mistake of climbing down as it was primetime. There were two more deer experiences, both in the CRP, and neither really offering a shot.

So, the weather is perfect. Selina has made the decision she is not shooting a spiker. One in the CRP was a spiker and nothing matters because we got venison on the deck and the next day to hunt.

At 7:40 a.m. a big bodied buck appeared in thick cover that was 70 yards away. Without hesitation Selina aimed, squeezed the trigger and like the doe the buck was in heaven before his body hit the ground.

We basked in the glory of the hunt for 10 minutes in our stands. Neither deer lost an ounce of its precious meat due to a poor hit and in the end we floated them down the creek. Selina dressed out both deer and the drag back to the truck kicked my you know what as Selina could not help due to a knee injury.

We were blessed with 110 pounds of boneless meat from Selina’s eight-pointer and her doe, and one humongous monkey off our backs.

Like I have mentioned a million times, take those kids hunting and fishing, and everyone wins!


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