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To the Editor,

I’m seeing a problem of election perception. I hear folks saying they don’t like either presidential candidate so they’re not going to vote. They seem to be forgetting that there are candidates running for federal, state, and local offices, and maybe a referendum, on the November ballot.

We need to be in control of government and voting is one way we get that job done. The voters are the human resource department of our country! Prior to “hiring,” we need to learn the issue positions of each candidate! And that’s not easy. Political ads are loaded with mis-information, dis-information, or out and out false information. It is up to us, because we value our Constitution and America, to find truth, then act.

When the framers ratified our Constitution, the phrase “by the people” was included for a purpose. Our freedom and comfort come with the price of time and effort. Nothing worthwhile is uncomplicated. Do you want the best country in the world? Then work for it! Be an informed voter! Research the candidates and referendums, then vote. “We the People” are depending on you!

Linda Shimon


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