Town adopts 2017 budget with 1.04 percent levy increase

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

SHERMAN — A public hearing and special town meeting of the electors was held the night of Tues., Nov. 1. These meetings offered Sherman residents the opportunity to comment on or even challenge the proposed 2017 budget.

Only two residents attended these meetings.

After a few general comments during the meeting of the electors, the board and the two residents unanimously recommended passing the budget, which included a tax levy of $344,723, which is a 1.04 per cent increase over 2016’s levy.

The regular board meeting was convened. After Clerk/Treasurer Rhonda Klatt explained a few details about the budget, the board voted unanimously to adopt the 2017 budget.

In recent months, the board members have worked to review and revise the schedule of fees. The revised schedule was approved by the board, with Supervisor Robert Boehlke voting against.

The board is required to pass an ordinance each year, specifying which Implements of Husbandry option the town selects. Klatt said the town had received a total of seven applications for permits in the past year, all from the Adell and Kettle Lakes Coops.

There was some discussion and speculation as to whether private farm vehicles operated on the roads at weights over the limits set by this ordinance. Klein said the Towns Association attorney had advised municipalities to call the state patrol if it is suspected this is happening.

The board voted to continue with Option E for the ordinance, with Boehlke voting against.

The board unanimously voted to enter into an agreement with J. Mauel Software, for a coming upgrade in software that handles pet licensing and tax collection. This upgrade will be deferred until sometime after the presidential election.

Reporting on the roads, Klein said that he and Supervisor James Fahney will review where brush cutting is needed. Klein said that, to his understanding, State 144 will be repaved in 2017. “But anything can happen,” he said. “It’s been shot down numerous times before.”

During public comment, it was asked if the County Board had made a wise decision when it decided to consolidate highway sheds. Supervisor Kris Klein replied, “Basically, what they’re doing is closing down the Elkhart Lake shed, the Plymouth shed, and then our main office in Sheboygan, where our repair shop is, and they’re going to close down those three facilities and combine them into one. The efficiency, I’d say, will be a little better. You’ll have two fewer buildings to maintain. The Elkhart Lake one is the oldest one we have now.”

Chairman William Goehring, who is on the County Board, said he’d supported the decision.

The board unanimously approved a cigarette license for the Silver Creek Pub.

Building permits for October: Brian Arndt, electrical; Phil Holk, HVAC; Robert Heinen, HVAC; Kevin Brehm, shed; Christ Pond Foundation, sign.

The next regular town board meeting will be Tues., Dec. 6.

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