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Social Security

To the Editor,

All of us seniors have a lot invested in this country that is dear to our hearts. We’ve worked hard, paid our dues, honor our flag, eternally grateful to our veterans made up of all races and ethnicities. What we ask in return is that you pay it forward to us as food prices rise, insurance premiums increase, dental care unaffordable – we could go on and on. So many seniors are struggling to keep their heads above water and, as that level rises, so many of them begin to sink. To our lawmakers – we would like to issue a plea for a yearly increase in our social security, for the quality of our lives matter too and we feel we are deserving. Would you please honor us for our life time dedication to this great country – the US of A in spite of our current conflicts and divisions? For what divides us, can still bring us together as someone recently said. Please consider our needs also. This is the greatest country in the world where all voices can be heard. Thanks America!

Ken Wagner

Peggy Gasiorowski

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