Food storage, transit firm pioneers solar power system

Plymouth-based Glacier Transit & Storage (GTS) has always exceeded customer expectations through pride, quality and experience. Now they are taking their mission one step further by producing their own clean, renewable electricity from the sun.

SunPeak, also a Wisconsin company, recently started installing 2,112 solar panels atop GTS’ 170,000 sq. ft. cold storage warehousing facility in Plymouth. The 560 kW solar array will produce 32 perrcent of GTS electrical needs. When connected, it will be the largest customer-sited solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the western shore of Lake Michigan and the largest system connected to a Wisconsin municipal electric utility.

Kyle Nothem, GTS’ president, is a fourth generation family leader who understands sustainability is good for business. Kyle expressed his motivations for investing in solar, “We want to demonstrate our established reputation as being a leader in the industry. Not only do we continue to find ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the supply chain, but more importantly we are taking the initiative to keep our environment clean and sustainable by utilizing renewable energy.”

GTS has long been socially and environmentally conscious. “Being a trusted service provider in the food industry requires more than just strict compliance with food safety regulations. To ensure freshness, temperature controls need to be precise during both shipping and storage of all products,” stated Jeff Goelzer, GTS CEO. “Even modern precision cooling technologies require significant energy use. Utilizing green energy is not only a good business investment, but a responsible investment in the community.”

Jim Krautkramer, CFO, added, “By installing solar, we’re doing our part to be environmentally responsible. Our fossil fuel energy offsets during the life of the system will be substantial; equivalent to reducing 29 million miles of driving in a passenger car, planting 312,000 trees and saving 4.5 tons of landfill waste.”

SunPeak has a solid record of solar installations in the region. In 2015, SunPeak was the largest installer of customer-sited commercial solar PV in Wisconsin, installing over one-third of the statewide capacity for the year. SunPeak is focused on expanding solar in the Midwest.

“Solar electricity now competes directly with fossil fuel-based energy sources. SunPeak is aggressively lowering the installed cost of solar, making solar an attractive long-term investment for any large energy user,” said Chad Sorenson, SunPeak’s president.

GTS has been a family-owned and operated company providing cold and dry storage in Sheboygan County since 1955. Focusing primarily on food warehousing, the company added transportation to its services in 1982. Now a full-service transit and storage company, GTS is a distinguished member of the business community and employs 39 Sheboygan County residents. More information at or (920) 893-6811 ext. 235

SunPeak is a turnkey developer of commercial solar systems, handling feasibility studies, financial payback analysis, system engineering, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Projects typically range from 100 kW to 5 MW and offer significant cost savings relative to conventional utility rates. The company was founded in 2014 by Chad Sorenson and a team of leading global solar developers who have completed more than 400 MW of installations on three continents over the past decade, including projects in Canada, Germany and Japan.

More information at or (608) 535- 4554.

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