Plans advance in Sherman for Abbott Drive work

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

SHERMAN — Mitchell Leisses, project manager at the Kunkel Engineering Group headquartered in Beaver Dam, addressed the Town Board Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Leisses gave the board information on the planned resurfacing of Abbott Drive. He distributed detailed aerial photographs of the entire stretch of road to be worked on. These were marked with details, such as locations of culverts and driveways.

About 5.1 miles of Abbott Drive will be rebuilt, starting where it meets State 28, eastward to where it meets Allen Road. The westernmost 1.1 mile is in the town of Scott; the rest, in Sherman. The two towns will work together on this project.

A preliminary cost estimate is $1,406,920. About 22 per cent of that will be Scott’s responsibility; the rest will be Sherman’s.

The existing road will be pulverized; the road base will be firmed up as needed; new asphalt will be put down.

Leisses said the road’s shoulder will be widened. Supervisor James Fahney asked if mailboxes would be moved. Leisses replied that shouldn’t be necessary, since the width of the road itself will not increase.

When asked about the project’s time frame, Leisses replied that the undercutting of the road was a driving factor. “I think they could pulverize the whole roadway in a week,” he said. “Then to proofroll, and to undercut, that could take anywhere—depending on how bad the sub-base is—anywhere from one to three weeks.”

Leisses estimated paving (using an estimated 22,000 tons of asphalt) would require about “seven solid, nice 12-hour days.” He assumed one lane would be worked on at a time, to allow residents access to their homes.

“And the gravel shoulder, you’re probably looking at two to three days,” he said.

The total time? “About six weeks,” Leisses told the board.

When the project starts would depend on when the winning bidding contractor can fit it into their schedule. But Leisses said completion should be prior to October 2017.

Supervisor Kris Klein asked if Kunkel had evaluated the bridge on Abbott Drive. Leisses said they had not, but they would look into it.

Leisses and more than one board member mentioned that work is scheduled on State 144 in 2017. There was speculation that work on State 144 and Abbott Drive could happen at the same time.

After Leisses discussed the bidding process with the board, it was agreed that advertisements for bids would be published Jan. 12 and 19. (This call for bids will also be posted outside the town office, the town’s website, and Kunkel Engineering Group’s website.) Bids will be opened at a special board meeting the night of Tuesday, Jan. 31. Interested bidders have until the time of that meeting to deliver bids.

“The more bidders, obviously, the better,” Leisses said.

Leisses suggested an informational meeting, where residents could learn about the project and ask questions. The board agreed there should be one, but a date and place were not set, because Leisses wants to schedule it so that both Sherman and Scott can attend. When scheduled, that meeting will be announced to the general public, but property owners along Abbott Drive will also be notified by letter.

Town Chairman William Goehring thanked Leisses for the engineering work his firm did, for his presentation that night, and for helping the towns apply for a state grant that will help finance the project. (48.5 percent of the project’s costs will be funded by the Town Road Discretionary Program grant.)

The board unanimously voted to authorize Kunkel Engineering Group to solicit bids for the project.

Other town business

The board voted unanimously to:

• Pass a resolution for receiving proceeds from the county sales tax.

• Have Goehring sign an agreement that the town will use proceeds from the county sales tax for town roads, as required.

• Approve the 2017 Joint Powers agreement with Sheboygan County.

• Approve the town’s maintenance agreement with the Sheboygan County Highway Dept. for 2017-19. This is a renewal of an agreement the town has held with the county for several years. (Klein abstained from voting.)

Clerk/Treasurer Rhonda Klatt reported that the Nov. 8 election went very well, with no incidents. 903 residents voted. Klatt received an e-mail from the state the Monday after the election, notifying her that the town was one of a little over a hundred municipalities randomly selected to undergo a post-election audit. “What that basically is, is a recount of the town of Sherman ballots,” Klatt said. Random audits have been taking place for the past 10 years, Klatt said, adding, “This was my first, ever.” The manual recount matched exactly with the town’s Election Day results.

Klatt said the Plan Commission will start meeting regularly, possibly in January, to review the town’s comprehensive plan.

No building permits were issued in November, but Klatt told the board that inquiries from residents suggest at least two new residences are being considered.

The next regular town board meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017.

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