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To the Editor,

For the better part of the past week, Sheboygan County has been complying with Green Party Presidential candidate Stein’s petition to the State of Wisconsin demanding a recount of the November 8, 2016, general election for President. As an appointed representative and observer for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, I was privileged to be present for much of the recount from December

1st to the 6th. Along with a number of other representatives from the various presidential campaigns and the Republican and Democratic Parties, and subject to specific guidelines, I was able to closely observe Sheboygan County’s recount process.

Regardless of how they voted or their political preferences, Sheboygan County citizens can be extraordinarily proud of the integrity and professionalism of all that participated in this somewhat thankless – and some might argue, wasteful and unnecessary task. County Clerk Jon Dolson and his staff, working closely with the County election canvassing board composed of partisan representatives, assembled a group of over thirty tabulators from some of the most experienced election poll workers who staffed township, city and village polling sites throughout the County.

Under County Clerk Dolson’s knowledgeable and highly effective leadership, a potentially protracted and contentious process was brought to a credible and accurate conclusion ahead of schedule and well under budget. Party observers interacted with Clerk Dolson, his staff, the canvassing board, and the tabulators with professionalism and mutual respect. The cooperation and integrity, which characterized this process in our County, is model for how citizens of different philosophies can come together to preserve the finer things in our open and democratic system. All who participated are to be commended on this achievement.

E. Anthony Fessler


To the Editor:

Seniors, we are all a very important and integral part of this society. We urge you to get involved in voicing your opinions regarding changes that may occur which will be focused on Obama Care and how those decisions will affect each and every one of us. It is so imperative that we express our opinions to our legislators.

Ask them, “Will the donut hole be closed under Part D and as a result will seniors be paying 100% of the cost? What exactly would be eliminated”?

Right now the donut hole is dropping 5 to 10% yearly, roughly down to 85%. Under Obama Care, eventually the donut hole will be closed till it hits zero. Right now the profit insurance companies can make is 15% for small agencies and 10% for large. What will happen then? We have another proposal, can we eliminate Part D and phase out private supplemental insurance that we have right now and shift those costs to Medicare itself? That way we will get cheaper rates and the goal is to save Medicare. Seniors are now experiencing frustrating decisions and leads to confusion which in the end is so costly. Seniors, we need to save Medicare! Talk to your representatives.

Ken Wagner

Peggy Gasiorowski

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