New liaison officer will continue strong tradition

LINDSAY BAUMHARDT IS THE new school liaison officer for the Plymouth Police Department.

The 10-year veteran of the department began serving in her new role last month and took over officially this month after the retirement of former liaison officer Todd Kronberg.

She will be the fourth officer to serve the public school system since the position was created more than two decades ago.

Baumhardt brings several unique qualities to the job.

She is the first female officer to serve in the liaison position. That will mean a new perspective and a new point of view brought to all five of the district schools.

She is also the first graduate of Plymouth High School to return to her alma mater as the liaison officer. Indeed, as a native of Cascade, she spent her entire primary and secondary education matriculation in district schools. That gives her an unparalleled insight and understanding of the nature of Plymouth’s public schools, from grade school through the high school.

She will need all of that and more to successfully fulfill the role held for more than 18 years by her predecessor, Kronberg.

In that time, Officer Kronberg made his presence in the district and the community even larger than his above-average physical size. He was a true support and resource for everyone at all of the district’s schools – administration, faculty, staff and – most importantly – students.

Kronberg – and those who served before him – served as a positive link between the police department and the school system. The job goes far beyond and transcends simple law enforcement.

It has been a proactive program that has brought out the positives in both the schools and communities, and shared each with the other. It has enhanced and encouraged the educational and life experiences of generations of students who have left the Plymouth School District and gone on into the world to make positive and uplifting contributions to society as a whole.

Kronberg, commenting on his service as liaison officer, noted that the Plymouth School District, “has a passion to see students succeed.” Kronberg and his predecessors – as will his successor, Baumhardt – have played a large role in achieving that goal.

The liaison program has succeeded so well over the years thanks in large part to the great support it has received from the leaders of both agencies involved – the police department and the school district.

Indeed, the police department has provided great support in part thanks to current Police Chief Jeffrey Tauscheck’s personal experience of several years as the liaison officer before he moved up the ranks to captain, deputy chief and finally chief 10 years ago.

Administrators and staff throughout the school district have seen, acknowledged and aided the success of the program over the years as well, recognizing its value as a vital part of every student’s educational experience and achievement.

That unquestioned record of success is certain to continue in the capable hands of former Panther Officer Lindsay Baumhardt.

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