To the Editor:

Seniors, you urgently need to contact our Senators, Congressmen, and our Governor Scott Walker. We are their employers. At issue is that we the taxpayers, including us seniors, are currently carrying the burden and paying for private health insurance for public employees. It all began during the WWII, given to them in place of a raise; it was not meant to be for profit. To this very day that has not been changed.

So it has become very beneficial for the insurance companies. Fred Hass’ article in the Sheboygan Press on January 13 is an eye opener, and he has to be thanked for that. He has broken it all down mathematically. For example: (Sheboygan school district), under Medicare the district would pay a premium of $1,260 a year, but under private insurance the cost premium would be $8,599 a year! It would be a savings of $9.6 million a year. It is a no-brainer that all public employees be responsible for their own insurance and have a choice of having it under Medicare or be privatized. We seniors haven’t received a raise in almost 3 years. This year we got a 0.3% increase, but that was transferred to Medicare - a nonraise. Insurance is built into everything and passed on to all consumers, home-owners, renter, farmers, landlords, etc…We seniors are being hit hard in our pocketbooks and absorbing a lot of that cost. Do right by us.

Save Medicare and a solution may be to have our supplements and Part D inclusive in Medicare itself. Give us yearly raises! Seniors write into The Review how you feel about this article.

Ken Wagner Peggy Gasiorowski

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