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To the Editor,

I read with interest Jim Wilson’s letter (Jan 24). As examples of “liberal bigotry,” he pointed to violent protests on inauguration day.

Perhaps with a little research (watching Fox News is not research), he would know that among all the protests, only one small group burned a few garbage cans and broke a store window. Even if that were NOT the case, I fail to see how he can describe it as bigotry. It was vandalism and if the vandals were caught, I’m sure they weren’t charged with a hate crime.

Mr. Wilson was especially upset that millions of women (and men and children) around the world marched the next day. He claimed that the organizers showed their “liberal bigotry” by excluding pro-lifers. The truth is that many pro-life people did join the march, pro-life signs held high. The group was denied formal sponsorship of the march.

The fact is that most American women (and men) support the notion that women know what’s best for themselves. This pro-life group doesn’t agree. It would have been contradictory if they had been designated cosponsors. That’s not bigotry either, it’s a little common sense.

The point Mr. Wilson made about colleges denying speaking privilege to conservatives is an excellent the degree that these events actually occur. I’m sure that Mr. Wilson would agree with me: the recent actions by conservative state legislators (including some local) was more egregious. They threatened the University of Wisconsin’s budget because these conservatives didn’t like a course on racism. And the ONLY thing they knew about the course was its title.

Another statement from Mr. Wilson’s letter resonated with me: “What our country needs is not more SHOUTING DOWN (my emphasis), or at the opposition, but people who can try to listen, understand, and talk to one another.”

If only our current President showed any willingness to do just ONE of those. Even conservatives have yearned for the day Trump would act presidential, or at least civil. Instead he wasted 73 days between the election and inauguration day shouting/ tweeting his vitriol (read his New Year’s greeting), not listening, not attempting to understand, not talking to anyone who would challenge his views. That’s why millions marched on Jan 22; they wanted to be heard and understood.

I invite Mr. Wilson and all citizens to join the next one.

Dean Zimmerman

Elkhart Lake


To the Editor:

The circumstances surrounding the past Presidential election and the results have left me deeply troubled and worried about our country. It becomes more obvious every day to myself and many others that we now have a man occupying the highest office in our land who is unbalanced and that should scare everyone.

You cannot “normalize” this man, because he lives in his own “alternate reality”, where the truth doesn’t matter at all. I can understand why people do not consider him a “legitimate” President, with Russia pulling his strings behind the scenes. There are a lot of similarities between the lies and propaganda that he and his followers spread during the campaign and the lies and propaganda that were being spread to the people of Germany Pre-WWII. They also portrayed the news media as their enemy.

The party that is now in charge of our government is humiliating themselves and our country by “pandering” to him. There comes a time when you have to become a true patriot and realize that putting this person in this position of power is a threat to our Democracy and our country. A very smart man once said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” His name was Albert Einstein.

Mary Wilke

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