Final Milwaukee Street rail crossing closing plans presented to council

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The City Council saw final plans for the portion of Milwaukee Street between Western Avenue and Elizabeth Street Tuesday.

The block was closed to traffic after the state Commissioner of Railroads ordered the street crossing of the railroad there closed.

City Administrator Brian Yerges shared the plan drawn up by Kapur and Associates, engineering consultants to the city.

“We had two or three different options. City staff did reach out to Sartori and in the end this is one they can live with or support,” Yerges said of the plan.

The plan calls for a turnout about halfway down the block for trucks coming into and leaving the Sartori plant, with a berm to the south of the turnaround and before the rail line.

The curb and gutter along the north side of Western Avenue will be continued across what was the intersection with North Milwaukee Street. The remainder of the street will be removed and replaced with landscaping.

In addition, a concrete sidewalk will be constructed between the turnout and Western Avenue to allow access between the two Sartori plants.

Yerges emphasized that the sidewalk will not be a public walkway but will be just for Sartori employees’ use.

“Sartori will be paying the cost of that crossing,” he said of the sidewalk. “It will not be a public crossing. It will not be open to the public.”

There will be signage posted to that effect on the sidewalk, Yerges added.

He told the council that Sartori has also agreed to maintain the berm that will be located between the turnout on North Milwaukee Street and the railroad tracks.

Director of Public Works Bill Immich said he believes the deadline for completing the work, under the state order, is June 30.

The council approved the purchase of a plow truck from Lakeside International of Milwaukee for $75,992 and a truck box, controls, spreader and snow plow for the truck from Monroe Truck and Equipment of De- Pere for $43,615.

Immich explained that the new truck will replace a 22-year-old Department of Public Works truck. He added that the total bid came in more than $5,000 under the budgeted amount.

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