New agronomy plant welcome addition to Plymouth

PLYMOUTH’S INDUSTRIAL BASE WILL will add another strong block in the next year.

The Plan Commission last week approved a site plan for a major new facility in the County PP/ Willow Road industrial park, a new state-of-the-art agronomy plant.

The joint venture between Kettle-Lakes Coop and Country Visions Cooperative was first announced last month at Kettle-Lakes annual meeting. The $4.5 to 5 million facility will be built on a 24-acre parcel on the northeast corner of the intersection of County PP and Willow Road.

When it is finished in the spring of 2018, the plant will employ at least 30 people.

But more importantly, it will provide needed services and products to support farmers throughout the region, providing a solid foundation for what is still a major industry in Sheboygan County – agriculture.

The as-yet-unnamed plant will provide bulk seeds, fertilizer and herbicide that will enable local farmers to operate and grow needed crops efficiently, effectively and economically – which is important to each and every one of us.

We all still rely on local farmers to provide, directly or indirectly, many of the foods we consume on a daily basis. Anything that helps them do their work better is good for all of us.

What they produce is also vital to another industry that makes up a big part of our local economy – the cheese industry.

Farmers doing their job better means they can provide needed ingredients for the cheese industry at better prices and greater volumes, which in turn makes the cheese companies that continue to make

Plymouth and Sheboygan County strong even stronger.

A big part of what drew the joint venture of the two co-operatives to Plymouth’s industrial park was the robust transportation system that is available there.

The location is in close proximity to the fourlane State 57, which connects directly or indirectly to major markets like Milwaukee, Chicago, the

Fox Valley cities, Madison and beyond quickly and easily.

The four-way stop lights at the intersection of County PP and State 57 will make it easier for trucks to get to the new agronomy plant and to leave it with the items farmers need to keep growing and producing.

An even more vital part of the available transportation is the recently-restored Plymouth to Sheboygan Falls rail lines that runs through the industrial park.

A key part of the facility plans will be a rail siding off that line that will make for easy delivery of the plant’s needs – seed, fertilizer, herbicides and more – in the necessary bulk via rail cars.

One of the arguments for restoring the rail line when it was under debate was the attraction it would add to the city’s industrial park and this project proves that argument was right. It can be expected that other projects that will take advantage of the rail service will follow, both in Plymouth and in Sheboygan Falls.

The new Kettle-Lakes/Country Visions agronomy plant, like the seeds it will sell to local farmers, will broadcast its positive impacts far and wide.

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