Adell plows through snow removal transition

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — Snow removal in the village underwent a change this winter season, leaving some residents less than satisfied with the transition.

Sheboygan County Transportation Director Greg Schnell and Greg Howell, who works at the Cascade Highway Shed, were present at the Village Board’s Wednesday night meeting. Village President Andrew Schmitt told them the village had received complaints.

Previously, the village did its own snow removal, with its own equipment. In the past few months, as that equipment started to fail and the village faced the costs of replacement and future upkeep, the board decided to sell one utility truck, and contract with Sheboygan County to do the village’s snow removal.

Schnell said their procedure for Adell follows that used in Waldo and Cascade, which are also covered by the county. They generally come in once during a snowfall, plowing and salting, and then return later if necessary.

“We were used to having it all done at one time,” Schmitt said, referring to the transitional problems as “growing pains.” Complaints had come from residents living on dead ends, where a plow had come in once and backed out, leaving only one lane cleared of snow.

Schnell and Howell said they’d had driver turnover, and that any one of several different drivers could be assigned to Adell. This being the first season for the county to plow Adell’s streets, they admitted there was a learning process.

“There’s a combination of things going on,” Schnell said. “It’s nothing insurmountable. We just have to find a direction, provide some more training, and we’ll get there.”

Everyone agreed that the unusual pattern of snowfall and other precipitation this season had contributed to the problems.

“I’ve always thought we had a good working relationship with the county,” Schmitt told Schnell and Howell. “I want to continue that, and I appreciate you guys coming in [to talk with us].”

Schnell replied that the county wanted to continue that relationship, as well.

Bigelow will continue to work with the county on snow removal.

Other village business

Jared Spang told the board that inadequate water drainage caused water to pool on his Wisconsin Street property, setting off his sump pump every few minutes. Bigelow was prepared with photos from Spang’s property and told the board that a neighbor’s driveway does not have a culvert. The water, unable to drain at that point, pools up and runs onto Spang’s property. Bigelow will work with both property owners in the spring to find a solution.

Trustee Jane Schneider presented the board with options for a possible sign commemorating The Incomparable Hildegarde, born in Adell in 1906 as Hildegarde Sell. Schneider has gathered information on Hildegarde in the past few months, and the board has discussed erecting a sign in her honor, or naming a street after her, or both. Schmitt asked Schneider to come up with a specific size, shape and price for a sign.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Schmitt. “It should be landmarked. But I think we have to come up with a design, so we can show people what they’re getting.”

Village-owned trees and their maintenance was discussed, but action was deferred.

The board unanimously approved:

• Issuing tax refund checks.

• A water relief credit to David and Bernice Grisar.

• Allocating the money received from the sale of the orange plow truck to an account for equipment replacement.

• Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke attending a portion of the Municipal Treasurers Association of Wisconsin conference.

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