Dr. Lowell Holtz

To the Editor,

The only statewide contest in the primary being held on February 21 is for Superintendent of Public Instruction now held by Tony Evers.

Education in Wisconsin, during the time Evers has been superintendent, has shown no improvement. Indeed, the grades may have improved but that would have more to do with dumbing down the grading system than improving the kids’ ability to read, write, and understand math. Under Evers, the state education system has implemented Common Core curricula without any evidence that it works. Now, some states are seeing the problems and are backtracking. Many hours of educational opportunity in Wisconsin have been lost chasing that rainbow. Evers caters to the education establishment and the union, not the kids.

Dr. Lowell Holtz brings common sense to education. He understood the value of Governor Walker’s Act 10 reforms and did not sign the recall as his opponents have. Holtz was also able to see the advantage of a Trump presidency over that of Hillary Clinton. He is the only Superintendent candidate who supported President Trump. In the classroom, he supports giving teachers the ability to again bring discipline to the classroom and making education more local by jettisoning Common Core and implementing curricula that work.

Many things have changed over the last six years but not the Department of Public Instruction. It remains an unchangeable bunch of education bureaucrats chasing bigger paychecks and obstructing the reasonable reforms that are needed if educational outcomes in Wisconsin are to become more competitive. Time for a change and Dr. Holtz is the best prospect.

Dennis Gasper

Chair, Sheboygan County

Republican Party

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