To the Editor,

In response to the editorial cartoon in Thursday, February 2 edition, which depicted Christians as being afraid of Muslims coming to America. I would like it to be noted that we have quite a few refugee families in Sheboygan.

Many Christians from some of the churches of Sheboygan, Plymouth and Manitowoc are helping them settle: finding furniture, teaching them English, and anything else that will help.

Most of these new refugee families are Muslim from Syria, Somalia and Burma. 40 or 50 Christians from several churches put together a Thanksgiving dinner for all the refugee families of Sheboygan.

There is a Christian ministry focused on helping and praying for Muslims in Sheboygan.

For some time I’ve thought of writing about Phil Hands’ editorial cartoons. They don’t tend to be funny. They are almost always caustic. He is a talented artist, but he makes me very nostalgic for Vaughn Larson’s editorial cartoons, which were often humorous, and often with a local twist. Maybe you could at least sprinkle in some cartoons from others. I would appreciate a little more diversity and some humor.

Jim Wilson

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