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To the Editor,

With all due respect to Barry Johanson, the publisher of The Review, I must point out the fallacy of his article “Calling news ‘fake’ is a step on the path to dictatorship”. In fact, if fake news is taking a baseless slam at President Trump, then his article is fake news.

Undeniably, the Review puts out factual news of local and state events and people and is deserving of the awards received. But, when Trump references fake news, he is not attacking The Review’s reporting on the activities of the Plymouth School Board or the outcome of the recent Primary Election. He is referencing the biased reporting of the national media regarding what is happening as the new administration seeks to fulfill its constitutional duties or any article that is written to unfairly to impugn his presidency. Johanson’s article is unquestionably making Trump into a dictator without factual references, for the sole purpose of shaping a negative opinion of our President. To quote Johanson regarding Trump’s fake news attacks: “It’s the attack potential dictators always make. Shut down or strangle newspapers like ours, silence radio stations, blur or subvert TV stations ---“. Trump has made no attempt to impede the gathering and dissemination of news, beyond his right to grant interviews as he sees fit. To be sure, he has every right to correct the record when news is being distorted or omitted. The first amendment is not meant to protect the press from criticism.

I would like to know what Trump has done that warrants the comparison to dictators. Until Johanson provides inciteful and reasoned support for his opinion, that article is fake news.

Dennis Gasper

Chair, Sheboygan County

Republican Party

Readers Comments

Take the time to read
Submitted by dpatric2@gmail.com on Fri, 2017-03-03 21:21.
Take the time to read this... https://www.thenation.com/article/the-ways-to-destroy-democracy/ Then think about the "rise of Donald Trump!" Scary???
As to the suspicion that
Submitted by thansmann1@wi.rr.com on Thu, 2017-03-02 17:57.
As to the suspicion that Trump might have dictatorial tendencies, I would offer the words of Steve Bannon, one of his most trusted advisors, "I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Certainly does give one pause for thought, doesn't it?
The problem is that Trump has
Submitted by thansmann1@wi.rr.com on Thu, 2017-03-02 17:48.
The problem is that Trump has characterized as "fake news" any number of factual stories that in fact are real news, but report actions of his that he would rather not have known. He has done this repeatedly with stories from the New York Times, for example. If one reads the New York Times, one will finds a clearly marked border between "news" (investigated, checked for accuracy, and reported) and opinion (clearly marked as opinion and not actually part of the "news" at all). Two completely separate parts of the paper. When Trump has made mistakes (of which there are many), these mistakes are reported, as they should be. This is true of past administrations as well. The truth of the matter is that Donald Trump just can't take the heat. The lies that he issues to counteract factual information is a subject for another time and a whole different matter.
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