Hitting the wall

Plan Commission endorses plan to sell park land it turns out Dino’s building wall is located on
by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – Apparently, the only thing standing between new Dino’s owner Travis Lambrecht and renovating the iconic restaurant is a wall.

In particular, the north wall of the restored 19thcentury mill building, which happens to be on city park land – along with the north driveway of the restaurant.

Lambrecht was before the Plan Commission Thursday seeking their approval for him to buy some of the park land the restaurant is on from the city.

Public Works Director Bill Immich explained that Lambrecht, who reopened the restaurant just over a year ago, is attempting to purchase the building from his late uncle Dean’s estate.

It was Dean Lambrecht who opened the city’s first ever pizzeria in the historic building at 19 S. Milwaukee St. in 1962. He operated the restaurant until his death in January 2015.

As part of his purchase, Travis Lambrecht had a legal survey of the property done.

“It turns out that the building is on city property by two-and-a-half feet, on part of Utility Bade Park,” Immich told the commission.

Lambrecht explained that the building was moved early in the 20th century across Milwaukee Street from its original location on the west side of the street.

“When it was moved, it was not set down properly on the lot,” he noted.

“The survey was done because I wanted to do outdoor seating,” Lambrecht added. “It opened up a can of worms when I had the survey done. I just want to pick them up and put them back in the can.”

He is also looking to renovate the building, including residing it, and possibly improving the driveway, but that is not possible with part of the building on city park property.

“The business is doing well, but I would like to improve it,” Lambrecht told the council.

In order for Lambrecht to purchase the needed park land from the city, the purchase must be approved by the Park Board, the Plan Commission and finally the City Council.

Immich reported that the Park Board had approved selling a strip of park land to include the building and the gravel driveway to Lambrecht for $1, with the provision that if the building is destroyed and rebuilt, it would have to be rebuilt entirely on the original lot and Lambrecht or any future owner would have to sell the park land back to the city for the original $1.

Commission members agreed with that concept, but had some discussion over how much of the park land to sell Lambrecht.

A 25-foot strip from Milwaukee Street to the Mullet River was suggested, which would then include the gravel driveway to the north of the building along with some of the adjacent green space.

But commission member John Nelson was concerned that access to the riverfront might be lost in that case.

Lambrecht pointed out that there is no public access to the south bank of the river from the east end of his property all the way east to Stafford Street.

With that, the commission recommended the sale of the 25-foot strip to Lambrecht for $1 to the City Council.

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