To the Editor,

Hello The CURRENT!

I just now found your refreshing periodical at Oostburg State Bank. I am delightfully impressed!

Several articles actually held my attention long enough to read them which is no longer a given with newsbased papers. Somewhat phenomenal missing numbers in scientific discussions and stars born in Adell made for refreshing reading.

However, the article which triggered a true brain reaction was "What is the 'God Particle?'" by Larry Scheckel (Volume 6, Issue 4, March, 2017; p. 9).

The human mind – an incredible machine – has caused many to dedicate their professional and personal minds and lives to the overarching, yet often undervalued part of that "eternal" question. As well, I am fascinated scientists call this potentially foundational element of physics "the God particle."

Even if most others do not care whether the "G" in the name is capitalized or not, I do. I see why, in His eternally important documentation, the Designer/Creator of all things noted the "G" should be a capital letter.

In verse 17 of the first chapter of the Bible's book known as Colossians, He says, in part, " … in Him [Jesus, the Christ] all things hold together." Equally instructively, verse 3 of the first chapter of Hebrews says (again, in part) "… [He] upholds all things by the word of His power." Both references: New American Standard Bible.

Please, physicists (and all with even an inkling of interest) keep looking for that God particle. It, or rather, He truly exists!

Greg Leaman


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