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To the Editor,

The push to expand STH 23 to four lanes for the remaining 17 miles between Plymouth and Fond du lac was based on faulty traffic data and the failure to give consideration to alternatives that would enhance safety and traffic flow. Judge Adelmann was correct in his decision to place on hold construction and Governor Walker was correct not to include funding to cover the federal dollars in his budget proposal.

Traffic engineers for the State Department of Transportation can address safety and flow with passing lanes and better acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Their skills can be employed to enhance the drivability of this highway for a fraction of the cost of four lanes.

This is a solution that could have been in place 10 or more years ago except for the political decision to frame all improvements in the context of four lanes.

Much is made of the need to spend more on roads. Current revenues and any increases that the state approves should be directed to maintaining and improving the roads we already have.

To be sure, one can be confused about the priorities for transportation funding. We have in Sheboygan County an airport that is by all accounts for private recreation and business. Despite no public flights for decades it costs taxpayers millions in direct subsidies. Also troubling is the suggestion to use private funds to promote new road construction. Will business partners in Plymouth and Fond du lac put up 50 million for four lanes? I hope not.

Hans Kuhn

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