Kindred Spirits celebrated in gallery show

A new exhibition of acrylic paintings, contemporary tapestries, and ceramics, represents a creative collaboration between three Milwaukee metro area artists, Pat Hidson, Lori Gramling, and Sheila Held.

“Kindred Spirits” opens in Gallery 110 North of the Plymouth Arts Center Friday, March 24. The public is invited to attend the opening reception between 4:30 and 7 p.m. Admission is free.

Live musical entertainment will be presented by pianist Marlene Wondergem from 5-6 p.m. and The Lakeside Trio: Margaret Lange - violin, Tom Lange - guitar, and Audrey Braatz - piano from 6-7 p.m.

The exhibition is generously sponsored by Margaret Wittkopp/Veritas Financial Services and Wittkopp Funeral and Cremations Services of Plymouth. Kindred Spirits will be on display through May 5.

About the artists:

Pat Hidson, Glendale

(Acrylic Paintings on linen or paper)

Pat is known for her fresh and spontaneous expression using energetic, and loosely controlled brush strokes as she captures aspects of domestic life. The optimism in her work is infectious and inspires an uplifting spirit.

Pat said, “At this stage I prefer to work only from my imagination. Through so many years of drawing and taking in the world as a very visual person, I have found myself with a rich inner source for the abstract forms that I now love to work with. I find life to be full of intricate patterns of connection. In my work all is interrelated and yet each element has its own chance to be playful and fully developed. I feel an essential freedom of the spirit is truly something we can all share.”

Visit Pat’s website:

Lori Gramling, Milwaukee (Ceramics)

Lori Gramling, Ph.D. believes her work as an artist and psychologist tap into similar ways of exploring life.

Lori explained, “I find the complexity, mystery, and humor of life’s ordinary stories unfold when I look and listen attentively. There are stories all around us, but it takes stillness and a willing heart to connect with them.”

If there is a central image or idea in her work it would be connection. Whether it is a sculpted tree frog that looks one in the eye, or a gnome lighting an archway home for someone who has lost his way; to her, it is connection that animates and gives life beauty.

In that beauty, our hearts are stretched and healed, and our own creative spirit is enlivened. Connecting with other, ‘kindred’ artist spirits; receiving their encouragement and insights, has helped give her understanding and the courage to put her stories into form.

She is grateful to her colleagues in this exhibit, as well as fellow sculptors, some going as far back as 600 B.C., for their formative influences.

As a final thought she added, “in therapy as well as art, I keep learning the importance of staying grounded.

There is something about forming figures out of mud that is settling and very grounding.”

Visit Lori’s website:

Sheila Held, Wauwatosa

(Contemporary Tapestries)

Sheila Held works within a traditional form, tapestry weaving, and up-ends it to create images that reflect a visually compelling personal cosmology. Her references are drawn from literature, philosophy, and the study of religious and spiritual traditions.

Sheila said, “Tantra means ‘the weaving,’ and tapestry is a form of tantra. In my imagery, I attempt to access the point where magic, science, religion, art and nature intersect. A conjunction of opposites, a complementarity (both this and that) is achieved, in the hope of narrowing the gap between the ideal and the practical. I strive to initiate a dialogue with my audience and to speak to a variety of interpretations. I do not want my artwork to say the same thing to everyone, nor do I want it to be bounded by the time in which it is made.”

Visit Sheila’s website:

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