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National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Regional Coordinator Ellen Brody refused at least two offers of public debates prior to forcing a National Marine Sanctuary (NMS) on the citizens of Wisconsin. Brody stated there would be no debate or open forum as there was already a conversation about the proposal. Citizens for Responsible Zoning and Landowner Rights (CRZLR) contend NOAA is concealing the truth about the actual impact of a sanctuary and hiding the most onerous rules until designation is in place.

The exchanges between Brody and several different people occurred at the NOAA sponsored meeting in Sheboygan on March 15, 2017. The Sheboygan meeting was one of four held in Wisconsin last week that NOAA organized and sponsored to present their plans and project. As part of the Congressional mandate for creating a National Marine Sanctuary, meetings and “broad-based” community support are necessary.

In addition to the meetings, another requirement is they need to show “broadbased” community support. However, a review of their list of supporters exposes another serious point of contention. The list, in fact, does not have “broadbased” support in even the three target counties of Ozaukee, Sheboygan and Manitowoc. Support for a Sanctuary outside these three counties is very close to zero.

Publicly available information presents a different picture of NOAA and Marine Sanctuaries. American Samoa filed a federal suit in January 2017 claiming abusive and dictatorial conduct that includes NOAA’s prohibitions on commercial and subsistence fishing. NOAA has been repeatedly sued for misrepresentation and deception, and were caught in other scandals deceiving Congress and the American people.

Brody and her Wisconsin NOAA coordinator Russ Green promoted significant economic impact as one of the major selling points of the marine sanctuary. At the Sheboygan meeting, when asked about the economic impact and the University of Michigan study findings for the Thunder Bay NMS, Brody stated she could not promise that a Sanctuary would have positive economic results for Wisconsin. A contradiction to previous claims.

CRZLR President James Zeiler stated, “A National Marine Sanctuary is a permanent designation that immediately imposes severe restrictions on uses of the Lake. There has not been a public debate as to the merits of this proposal. To expect Wisconsin to surrender their sovereignty based on the assurance of several NOAA employees is unreasonable and unwise. There must be public debates before any actions are taken.”

James Zeiler Citizens for


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