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To the Editor:

I recently took my dogs to the dog park in Plymouth. Ever since its inception, I was so grateful and appreciative to the city of Plymouth for making this park possible. It’s a wonderful place for dogs to run freely, play and socialize with other dogs within the confines of a fenced in area for their safety.

On this particular visit, I was appalled and disgusted as to the state of this park! The city has provided bags and a trash receptacle as you enter the park along with posted signs informing dog owners to clean up after their dogs. How easy can it get? However that is not what is happening. There were dog feces all over, coupled with old worn out dog toys strewn about.

I have even witnessed people walking their dogs in the area only to let their dogs enter the park to relieve themselves, then put them back on the their leashes and continue their walk, never bothering to clean up after their dogs. How irresponsible can one get?

Please follow the posted signs and pick up after your dogs.

Be a responsible dog owner. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us that are!

Name withheld upon request.

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