To the Editor,

While the article by Dr. Britton was informative, I do not feel he included enough info should someone close to you have a head injury (potential concussion). I do agree to look at pupils to see if they are dilated. This is a good symptom to look for. Also you need to know that a concussion is a bump. But it is a bump to the inside of the head so it will not be visible on the outside. Under those conditions it is imperative to have them rest with head elevated!

There are people in my family who have had any number of concussions. We consider them “soft headed”. Others in our family are fine if hit in the head. We consider them”hard headed”. If I go back far enough, a relative spent six weeks in hospital in the olden days after suffering a concussion. Maybe that was a brain fracture? You think?

Another couldn’t play sports without a helmet.

And dr’s orders were to wake said patient often to make sure they were not unconscious.

So, yes, observe what Dr. Britton said but also consider the two elements that I mentioned also. Check pupils for dilation and keep head elevated!

Respectfully submitted

M. L. Brott

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