Marriage Licenses

Derek Bennett and Averi Lulloff, Cory Birchbauer and Marlana Wegner, Dennis Escobar and Eva Kolodziey, Jeffrey Hebert and Cindy Maas, Hasan Husein Ruiz and Irma Alvarado, Samuel Morell and Kiersten Schouten, Vikram Venkataraman and Nivethitha Suresh.

Jesus Lopez Esparza and Rosa Salazar, Walter Kaiser Jr. and Nancy Veldboom, Gibran Macias Gutierrez and Joselynn Torres, Christopher Pierce and Melanie Hoddel.

Matthew Baughman and Hannah Carroll, Taylor Rafool and Lindsey Grahn, Manuel Ramirez Jr. and Leslie Orta, Andrew

Rincon and Peiling Yang.

Randall Gerritson and Holly Rick, Tou Kong Moua and Yervue, Ryan Nuernberg and Andrea Wenzel.

Taylor Apple and Nathasha Eiroa Garcia, Leonid Bortsov and Ashley Taylor, Brandon Capetillo and Hannah Smith, Robert Erickson and Peggy Ruh, Lloyd Jaeger and Shirley Pahmeier, Ja Maul De Rea Johnson and Heidi Oldenburg, Tyler Jones and Kaitlyn Gulig, Alexander King and Nichole Schettle, Tyler Kulow and Marissa Benicke, Stephen Matthias and Cassondra Poeske, Melvin Niemeyer and Laurie Condon, Quisto Pena and April Lloyd, Justin Swortzel and Meghan Hildebrandt, Lee Vang and Pang Yang.

Dustin Churchwell and Leona Beltran, Khanthaly Naochaivang and Trong Thao, Fernando Salto Gil and Laura Cortes Rodriguez, Eric Wachdorf and Angelica Meyer.

Dustin Blazer and Jessica Krueger, Michael Heck and Rosette Samaniego, Christopher Hermann and Jennifer Dooley, Nicholas La Point and Candice Boldt, William Whalen Jr. and Kathryn Fieldhouse, Bee Xiong and Sheng Chang.

Matthew Brendel and Emily Ploetz, Nathan Brill and Christa Black, Conner Brown and Jasamine Richardson, Scott Burger and Amber Ziesmer, Sergio Cuellar Rodriguez and Cynthia Razo, Aaron Deblaey and Morgan Huibregtse, Phillip Gabrielse and Yuliya Glazunova, Mitchell Gierke and Megan Connell, Deric Lightle and Elizabeth Pollard, John Peplinski and Carla Johnson, Tyson Pitsch and Kyra Weier, Alex Rieger and Rachel Fettig, William Schuessler, Jr. and Danielle Weller.

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