Students succeed at state solo and ensemble

Fifty-nine Plymouth High School events earned top ratings at this year's State Solo and Ensemble Music Festival.

PHS sent 114 events to the Wisconsin School Music Association sanctioned event held April 29 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Those events - 59 choir, 53 band, one piano and one string - received a Starred 1 rating in Class A from the district festival March 11 in Campbellsport to advance to state.

Also, Connor McManus and Madilyn Straub were nominated for their Musical Theatre solos for an Exemplary. Jacob VanNorwick received an exemplary on his Musical Theatre, as well as Samantha Loose on her Flute Solo.

Exemplary Awards were given to Samantha Loose on flute and tenor Jacob Van Norwick, and Connor McManus and Madilyn Straub were nominated for Exemplary Awards for their Musical Theatre solos. Those receiving 1st ratings at State were:


• Soprano Solos: Katie Sanborn, Erika Birenbaum, Mady Straub, Destiny Henschel

• Alto Solos: Azure Maki

• Tenor Solos: Jacob Van- Norwick, Ian Theisenhusen, Paul Hammes, Mitch Arnold

• Baritone or Bass Solos: Quinn Zwick, Nick Pohl

• Musical Theater Female Solos: Katy Coley, Kaylee Woelfel, Katie Sanborn, Delaney Scudella, Mady Straub, Logan Schreiber, Megan Carbaugh, Abigail Phelps

• Musical Theater Male Solos: Connor McManus, Justin Schmitz, Jacob VanNorwick, Bennet Josephs

• TB Duet: Tannor Gonzalez and Nick Pohl

• SA Duets: Abigail Phelps and Megan Carbaugh; Kaylee Woelfel and Mady Straub; Mady Straub and Logan Schreiber

• SSA Trio: Katie Sanborn, Logan Schreiber and Katy Coley

• Madrigal Ensemble: Concert Choir Madrigal (Brooke Ingersoll, Mackayla Mendenhall, Julia Zahn, Veronica Schreoder, Lilyanna Ramos, Hayley Stephanie, Hailey Stewart and Savannah Arneson); Bel Canto Madrigal (Amanda Krueger, Emily LaVine, Anne Sedlacek, Katie Sember, Kenzea Crawford, Kaylee Woelfel, Carly Lilek, Hannah Bishop, Jenna Myers, Courtney Perl, Emily Radue, Hayley Thome, and Kiara Yurk)


• Bb Clarinet Solo: Samantha Weinkoetz

• Eb Alto Saxophone Solo: Katie Benedict; Tegan Schneider

• Bb Tenor Saxophone Solo: Keeley Kuru

• Eb Baritone Saxophone Solo: Ben Schaefers

• Flute Solo: Samantha Loose

• Jazz Brass Improvisational Solo: Jack Benedict

• Marimba or Xylophone Solo: Megan Carbaugh

• Misc. Woodwind Solo: Samantha Loose

• Parade Drum Solo: Jon Brisson

• Trumpet Solos: Jack Benedict; Joseph Sebranek

• Keyboard Duet: Max Hassel, et al

• Saxophone Duet: Tegan Schnieder, et al

• Trumpet-Trombone Duet: Joseph Sebranek, et al

• Flute Trio: Alison Pieper, et al

• Saxophone Quartet: Tegan Schneider, et al

• Trombone Quartet: Carlee Olsen, et al

• Tuba-Euphonium Quartet: Jacob Van Norwick, et al

• Woodwind Quartets: Jillian Myers, et al; Katie Sanborn, et al; Samantha Loose, et al

• Misc. Woodwind Duet, Trio or Quartet: Samantha Loose, et al; Jillian Myers, et al

• Misc. Percussion Ensemble: Megan Carbaugh, et al

• Misc. Ensemble: Samantha Loose, et al

• Jazz Ensemble

• Mostly Winds Ethnic Folk Ensemble: German Band

Piano and Strings

• Piano Solo: Justin Schmitz

• Two Violins: Phelps, et al

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