All-inclusive playgrounds hit EL, Plymouth

THE ELKHART LAKEGLENBEULAH Elementary School has added a great new feature with its all-inclusive playground area.

Since it opened right after spring break, students have been enjoying the safe area with varying degrees of challenges and equipment.

They even showed it off to Gov. Scott Walker when he visited the school last month and it impressed the state’s top executive also.

As well it should, as the playground is an excellent and welcoming addition to the school.

The playground is designed so that children of all ages and abilities can play and have fun together, aiding in their growth, education, tolerance and acceptance – all laudable goals.

It could not have been accomplished without the generous support of the Elkhart Lake community, which provided – and continues to provide – most of the money for the $160,000 project.

It has been so successful, the district is planning to move ahead with a second phase of the playground. The smooth poured rubber ground surface, which greatly enhances the safety and accessibility of the playground, would be expanded and additional play pieces added that would enhance the educational and growth components of the playground.

The district estimates that this second phase would cost $55,000 to $75,000 and is seeking additional support from the community to make it happen. Anyone wishing to donate to the project is asked to contact Elementary School Principal Debbie Hammann at 876-3307 or District Superintendent Ann

Buechel Haack at 876-3381.

It seems likely that the further support to complete the project will be forthcoming and that will be great, not just for the schools but for the entire community.

That’s because the all-inclusive playground area is truly all-inclusive, as it is open to the community, village residents and visitors at any time. It adds one more attraction and enjoyable activity for locals and guests alike.

A similar all-inclusive playground area will be a centerpiece for the updated Stayer Park in downtown project as well.

That effort is being spearheaded by the Plymouth Lions Club in conjunction with the city of Plymouth as part of the massive renovation project in the riverfront area along the Mullet south of Mill Street.

The playground area will also be an accessible, all-inclusive facility with equipment designed for all levels of activity and ability. It will be just one feature of a new downtown riverfront area that is certain to become a major attraction and center of activity for the city.

Thanks to generous donations from the Stayer Foundation and a long list of local business, industry and individual donors, the Lions are now in the final fundraising push for the $600,000 project, with just a little over $100,000 left to raise.

Donations can be sent to Plymouth Lions Foundation Inc., P.O. Box 102, Plymouth, WI 53073. Donations are tax deductible as the Plymouth Lions Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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