Adell plans additional storm sewers

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — Business for the village started Wednesday with a Plan Commission meeting and a public hearing.

The purpose of each was to consider installing an additional storm sewer line along the portion of Wisconsin Street from Tower Avenue to Highland Avenue, and whether to require residents living there to connect their sump pumps to the line.

At issue and under discussion in the past few months was first, that the work already done on Wisconsin Street up to Tower Avenue cost the village less than originally estimated. Thus, the village has the opportunity to borrow that extra money.

Second, water management has become a serious issue for several residents north of the point where work on Wisconsin Street had ended. No easy, short-term solution seems practical.

Third, at some unspecified future date, maintenance to the rest of Wisconsin Street is planned. This would undo any short-term fix, even if one could be conceived.

The village’s solution: use the available money to install a storm sewer along that stretch of Wisconsin Street to alleviate water problems by doing the same work now that would be done at some future time.

The reason to consider requiring homeowners to connect their sump pumps to the storm sewer would be to save the village money.

There are actually two water-handling systems. One is for “clear water” from sump pumps or from rain - the reason it is called a storm sewer. Then there is wastewater, which has to be pumped to the Onion River Wastewater facility in Hingham for processing.

Any clear water getting into the wastewater system adds needless processing expense for the village. At past meetings, Director of Public Works Shawn Bigelow has said this is happening to some degree and efforts are being made to discover where and how clear water is being added to wastewater.

The bottom line: Any unwanted clear water directed into the storm sewer system avoids puddles forming on properties and the possibility of seepage into the wastewater system.

In the discussion, Bigelow also pointed out that water running into the street damages the asphalt.

After the Plan Commission meeting and public hearing, the Village Board meeting convened. During this, the board unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the use approximately $25,000 from funds left over from the recent Wisconsin Street project, to install the storm sewer on Wisconsin Streeet from Tower Avenue to Highland Avenue.

The decision was tabled, on whether or not to require property owners on that section of Wisconsin Street to connect their sump pumps to the storm sewer. Board members wanted to first know the typical cost to property owners.

Other village business

The board discussed the availability to village residents of a dumpster for disposal of large items, such as furniture. Bigelow said a dumpster is available, but he needs to be contacted by a resident wishing to use it.

Trustee Jim Jentsch summarized data he’s collected so far on trees the village is responsible for and outlined a long-term plan for diversifying tree species in the village.

The board unanimously ap- proved:

• Renewal of five private well permits.

• A cigarette and tobacco license for Adell Mini Mart.

• Liquor licenses for Adell Mini Mart, Greg’s Tap, Times Remembered, and Sherman Station.

• Operators licenses for Brenda Siegrist, Jeffrey H. Kreutzinger, William M. Such, Mariah Wright, Austin Rose, April Fern Crosby, April Hicks, Emily Neumann, Debra Taylor, Christopher Bunge, Ronda Monty, Nicole Maurer, Heather Marie Bunge, Kimberly A. Johnson, Spencer M. Roemer, Brinley Brunner, Kortney L. Holley, Kelly J. Schmitz, and Therese Ann Dowe.

The next village board meeting will be Wednesday, July 19. This is a departure from the routine second Wednesday of the month to accommodate scheduling conflicts.

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