Falls district Wellness Committee explores new options

The Sheboygan Falls School District Wellness Committee held recently its annual Spring meeting.

Wellness Committee representatives shared updates from their specific perspective as teachers, parents and students.

Some of the items discussed included curriculum changes at the middle and high school, health and fitness events and recently purchased playground equipment at the elementary school from the SFES PTO.

The remainder of the meeting focused around the recent food service audit conducted by the Department of Public Instruction.

SFSD Food Service Director Amy Lawrence mentioned how impressed DPI staff members were with the district’s strategic approach to ensuring students, staff, parents and the community are informed and up-to-date with topics related to health and wellness.

She also relayed the feedback on areas in which the district can continue to improve.

Items that were found in the audit included making sure that all fundraisers are compliant with the District’s Wellness Policy, informing the public when Wellness Committee meetings take place and making sure the items in our vending machine are monitored for compliance.

The remainder of the meeting focused on developing an action plan to address areas from the audit.

The plan will be to inform the public of the Wellness meetings via Facebook and Twitter, as well as add a link so the minutes are available to the public.

The district will continue to use the fundraising forms provided by the DPI to document all fundraisers, compliant and non-compliant, in all three buildings but pay specific attention to limit them to two weeks in length, and prohibit them during breakfast and lunch

The last item to address was updating School Board policy No. 8515 to ensure compliance.

The School Board will consider the changes during an upcoming summer meeting.

The next DPI audit will be in three years

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