To the Editor,

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin has experienced her share of hostility from extremist groups. Their hatred has resulted in messages, some despicable, that misrepresent her accomplishments.

It's happening more today because of the environment created by the bigotry, slurs, and personal attacks made during the recent presidential campaign.

Out-of-state Super-PAC's have started spending millions of dollars financing ads on TV, radio, and mailings that misrepresent her efforts to protect the rights, liberties, and freedoms of all Americans.

I appreciate Sen. Baldwin's efforts to help working families, to protect Medicare from privatization schemes, and her taking on Wall Street.

She wants a middle class that is the backbone of our nation along with corporations playing by the same rules as the rest of us.

I want retirement security. I appreciate her support of ensuring Social Security remains an important part of senior's retirement years along with making sure it will be available to all as they anticipate their retirement years.

Families are another important focus of her legislative efforts. That focus includes supporting initiatives that provide access to quality public education from pre-school thru college. It also includes families having affordable, accessible, quality healthcare!

Women make up 21% of the senate when more than half of our nation's population are women!

I have a daughter and I appreciate the efforts of Sen. Baldwin and her colleagues to overcome gender bias as they push policies that bring about gender equality and women's empowerment. They push for more policies meant to support women, children, and the family.

I urge citizens to learn more about Sen. Baldwin's record in the Senate. Ignore the ads that misrepresent that record. Don't let out-of-state extremist's PAC money detract from the fact that she has been a great senator for Wisconsin!

John Binder


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