New Kiley Way dance studio building approved

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The Plan Commission did something of a dance marathon Thursday with plans for a dance studio building on Kiley Way.

Commission members had more questions than answers on a site plan for a new building for In Motion Dance on Kiley Way but approved it with some conditions after a lengthy discussion.

Architect Jeff Smies of Smies and Associates presented the plan for the dance studio on a 1.5-acre site on the east side of Kiley Way, north of the strip mall building where the studio was previously located.

He said the building would be a metal building with a stucco facade on the front, facing Kiley Way.

“This would be the first building in the Kiley Way area that would be a metal structure,” City Administrator Brian Yerges observed. “You would be potentially setting the tone for other development in that area.”

Smies said the metal would be a neutral gray color and said the colors for that and the facade would be “fairly neutral.”

He pointed out that studio owner Amanda Kanzelberger wants to stay in the Plymouth area, where she has built up a strong clientele, and has turned down several less expensive lots in Sheboygan Falls in order to build in Plymouth. “It is important for her to be here in Plymouth.

“She would like to start (building) in early fall,” Smies added, as she is currently renting or leasing several different spaces in the area at present to continue holding classes.

He also noted that there is space on the lot for future expansion, including additional parking, if the business grows.

While Smies did not have any color renderings or sample materials to present to the commission, he did present a picture of a building with a similar stucco facade to what is intended for the dance studio.

Commission members were satisfied with that, but asked if the stucco could be applied to the entire west wall of the building and not just the portion that would jut out from that side toward the street.

Smies was agreeable to that requirement, which the commission made a condition of approval.

Mayor Donald Pohlman, as he has in the past, stressed that the building would be allowed only one curb cut for a driveway. There also would not be a curb cut in the median on Kiley Way, so the drive would be a right-in, right-out driveway from only the westbound lanes of Kiley Way.

“What we’re hearing here as a concept is good, knowing that that whole area is commercial,” Pohlman allowed.

As far as approving the metal building, Yerges stated, “I don’t think that’s a staff decision. It’s the direction of the Plan Commission, how you view metal buildings in the Kiley Way corridor.”

He did allow that agreeing to the stucco facade on the entire west wall was an improvement from the original proposal.

The commission also made final approval conditional on city staff signing off on landscaping and lighting plans for the building, which were not part of the original presentation.

The commission approved parking lot alteration plans for Sartori Foods and Masters Gallery Foods.

Sartori plans to remove some of the existing parking spaces on their Main Street campus to the south of their building between Caroline Street and the railroad tracks, Andy Chappa of Chappa Construction told the commission.

“The area being removed is going to be a new landscaping area, to kind of go along with what they’re doing to the exterior of their building,” Chappa explained. “It will kind of beautify it and give a better look to it.”

It would remove 11 parking spaces, but Chappa said the company has more than enough parking spaces in the area to meet its present and future needs.

Masters Gallery is reconfiguring its parking lot on the south side of County PP to add a handicapped-accessible parking space in the lot, the commission was told.

“The lot is pretty well unseen from County PP,” Building Inspector Pete Scheuerman pointed out.

The commission also approved plans from St. John Lutheran Church to pave what is now a gravel parking lot at the corner of Stafford and Elizabeth streets.

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