Adell gets real bargain on purchase of new public works truck

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — Director of Public Works Shawn Bigelow presented the Village Board an offer too good to turn down at the board’s meeting Wednesday.

As Bigelow reported at the July meeting, one of the village’s trucks has reached the end of its usefulness. “I lost a fuel pump on it, so I’m running off the front tank only,” he said at the August meeting. “It needs brakes, it needs tires, it needs U-joints, it needs a new exhaust manifold. To make a long story short, the truck has seen its better days.”

In the past month, Bigelow checked for used trucks. The typical vehicle that would meet the village’s needs (being new enough to not need extensive repairs; not being so new as to be cost-prohibitive) was priced in the $26,000 to $29,000 range.

Bigelow told the board he found a truck, being sold as used, which has only 24 miles on it. Said Bigelow, “It’s selling as a used truck because, at the manufacturer, they broke the mirror off of it. The list price on that truck was $38,400. They’re willing to give it to us for $31,000. That has a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on it. It’s essentially a brand-new vehicle.”

The board asked Bigelow for several specifics on the truck.

“I think it’s a great deal,” Village President Andrew Schmitt said.

The board unanimously approved purchase of the truck for $31,000.

• • •

The board voted unanimously to approve the new two-year contract with the village of Cascade for police coverage in the village of Adell.

Trustee James Jentsch reported he is documenting which trees will have to be taken down, and how many locations the village has for new trees. Schmitt said he had a lead on some very low-priced trees. Jentsch said the village should watch for such opportunities, which will sometimes come up at the right time and place.

Jentsch asked the board’s opinion on replacing the bushes near the village office. Jentsch said the evergreens are getting thicker, higher, and therefore harder to trim.

“The larger it gets, the more intrusive it’s going to get,” he said.

Schmitt said the evergreens had been planted by the fire department and suggested Jentsch discuss it with them.

Schmitt asked who planted the flowers in front of the village office. Jentsch replied that he had.

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