2017 County Fair fun begins tomorrow

ONLY ONE MORE DAY. Tomorrow – Thursday, Aug. 31 – the Sheboygan County Fair opens its gates on five full days of family fun, running through Labor Day Monday, Sept. 4.

Labor Day every year is more than just another holiday weekend for those of us in Sheboygan County.

One of the county’s best annual events, the fair marks the end of the summer festival and picnic season and the beginning of a full fall season of events and activities – a perfect bridge between the two.

Part of what makes each fair so memorable and so successful is the dedication of an army of volunteers and paid staff who ensure that everything goes off without a hitch or get things back on track quickly and seamlessly on those rare occasions when there is a hitch — other than the ones on the teams of horses.

The fair always means lots of good food, fun rides and games, entertaining shows and music, and so much more.

It means a chance to catch up with old friends and/or make new ones, and to enjoy making memories with families.

But the fair is much more than just a good time – it’s a celebration and a recognition.

It’s a celebration of the people and businesses that make Sheboygan County great – most particularly the agricultural industries and farm community that are still the backbone of the county.

It’s a recognition of their hard work and effort to grow and produce the foods and products that fill our tables, our shelves and our stomachs.

The fair is also a tribute to perhaps the greatest resource we have – our young people.

Their efforts are acknowledged and honored in many different ways and places from one end of the fairgrounds to the other.

The animals they raise, the works they produce at school and at home, the skills they learn every day that will help them grow up to be productive and contributing adults are all on display from the Education building to the animal barns and everywhere else.

So enjoy a few whirls on the rides, try your luck at the games; fill yourself up with food from cream puffs to fried vegetables to corn on the cob to brats to grilled cheese sandwiches and more; quench your thirst with any beverage – including at least some refreshing milk; and take in the music, shows and more during your visit to the fair.

But don’t forget to take some time to view and appreciate the exhibits featuring your children, your friends, your neighbors, your friends’ and neighbors’ children, and all the rest.

Because after all, that’s what the fair is really all about – that and, as the fair likes to tell us, this weekend is the end of summer and the beginning of fun.

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