City accepts Huson Park land donation

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The gap in Huson Park is filled in.

The City Council Tuesday approved a land donation from Teresa Jones of a Collins Street parcel on the south bank of the Mullet River.

“The owner of the property has no use for it, so she would like to donate it to the city,” City Administrator Brian Yerges told the council. “We actually own the land on both sides, so this links all our property together.”

Yerges noted that the Mullet River Walkway crosses the .45-acre wooded parcel, which slopes from the street down to the riverbank.

“There is no plan on using the property this time other than it being part of the Huson Park area,” Yerges wrote in a memo to the council on the donation.

It had previously been endorsed by the Plan Commission and the Park Committee. Yerges said the donation was being made at no cost to the city, except for the legal costs of the transfer.

At the same time, the council approved putting a city-owned parcel on Pleasant View Road, just north of the railroad tracks, up for sale.

Plymouth Utilities previously had a well house on the .3- acre lot, Yerges explained, but the well was abandoned many years ago. The utilities used the building to store materials for a while, but after the new utilities operations center was built, it was no longer needed for that purpose.

“At the request of somebody in the neighborhood, who asked us to clean it up and tear down the structure,” the well house was taken down three or four years ago, according to Yerges.

“The property no longer serves a public purpose,” Yerges wrote in a memo to the council. “I am recommending that the city seek to sell or transfer the property for a residential development.”

He noted that he had contacted Fairview Crossing apartments, which is adjacent to the lot, and Habitat for Humanity to see if they have any interest in the property, which is currently zoned R-4 residential.

“It would require council approval before we transfer or sell it to another entity,” Yerges added.

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