To the Editor,

Dennis Gasper’s letter from Friday August 25 is another example of what is wrong in our country. The problem is not the news-media, academia, the Democrats or Democratic fund-raising. The problem is Trump himself and all the people that continue to “enable” him to take apart our Democracy piece by piece.

Thank God for the news media, otherwise “We” the people would never have found out about Russia’s picking our President and all of the lies, conflicts of interest and corruption surrounding the Trump administration.

Let’s face it, we now have a president who is totally unfit for office. He doesn’t work for unification of our country, but he does thrive on division and pitting party against party, people against people and the people against a free press.

This is all proven by reading Mr. Gasper’s letter. Right about now the President and the Republican party have about as much credibility as a flea on an elephant.

Mary Wilke

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