Grubisic found merit winner in the eye of her dog

Macro print photos are fun but they can be difficult to take and keep all of the picture in focus.

However, Cassidy Grubisic, 16, has mastered this technique beautifully and her efforts have won her a merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair.

Grubisic is a member of the Mosel Farm & Home 4-H. Her parents are Lisa and Charles, Elkhart Lake, and this is her first merit award.

The macro print is entitled Penny’s Eye. Penny is her dog, a mix of German Shepherd and Terrier.

“I got the idea when I had the project of macrophotography and I tried to take a picture of Mom’s eye, my brother’s eye and my own,” said Grubisic. “I got a few good shots but this one was by far the best.

“I was glad I got this shot because Penny doesn’t like cameras,” said Grubisic. “She didn’t cooperate very well so this was a quick shot.”

The picture is amazing. Penny’s eye is clear and the detail is impressive. The eye lashes are very detailed and distinctive. “This is one of my favorite types of photography,” said Grubisic, “and photograghy is my favorite category.”

Penny’s Eyeisa 5 by7 photo on black poster board.

“I will put this in my room with some other pictures,” said Grubisic. “The judge really liked the detail with the hair and lashes around the eye,” said Grubisic.

“I’m really excited about getting this award,” said Grubisic. “Seven year of photography has paid off!”

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