City approves sewer agreement for county highway building

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The City Council Tuesday formalized an agreement to extend city sewer service to the new transportation complex at State 67 and County J.

The new complex will hook into an existing city sewer line that serves the Rocky Knoll Health Care Facility across State 67, City Administrator Brian Yerges explained.

“The agreement goes all the way back to 1969,” Yerges noted.

“We accept waste from Rocky Knoll through a private sewer main that connects to the city sewer line on Suhrke Road,” Yerges said.

The 1969 agreement did not allow for any other user or facility to connect to the Rocky Knoll line, but the new agreement allows for the transportation complex to be added to the line, at the county’s expense, according to Yerges.

“The agreement says the county will maintain the sewer line and facilities, but that has never been an issue since 1969,” Yerges said. “We bill them just like any other commercial sewer customer.”

Yerges said he did not anticipate any issue with the county approving the revised agreement. “It is to their advantage,” he pointed out.

The council also approved a change in its sewage backup policy.

The new policy will allow city and Plymouth Utilities staff to approve or deny claims that are under $1,000, consistent with city policy on claims in other areas.

It also allows for the utilities to hire outside contractors to provide cleanup service when a backup is determined to be the fault of the utilities.

“We don’t want to go into people’s homes or direct people on how to do the cleanup,” Yerges explained.

The appointment of Council Member Greg Hildebrand to a one-year term and Lee Gentine to a five-year term on the Redevelopment Authority were approved by the council.

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