Village of Adell prepares to update comprehensive plan

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — Kevin Struck, growth management educator at the Sheboygan UW-Extension, met with the Village Board at its Wednesday, Sept. 13 meeting.

Struck has assisted several municipalities in the past few years to update their comprehensive plans. This ranged from making very basic adjustments to total updates.

Struck is offering his services to Adell, which needs to update its comprehensive plan by May, 2018.

Struck assisted the city of Plymouth with a total update. “But that’s not unusual for a city,” he told the board. “In a city, lots of things are changing. They had the capacity to do it, and so they did it. And it took us about a year.”

An alternative to a total update is to leave the plan essentially intact and create needed addendums, which could be “basic” or “enhanced.”

What approach would be best for Adell depends on the magnitude of change the village has seen in the past decade.

Village President Andrew Schmitt said the Plan Commission should look at the options and decide which to pursue. He asked the commission to meet Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. The regular board meeting would follow the Plan Commission meeting.

The Plan Commission would then need to meet periodically to work on the update, with Struck’s assistance. Whether those future meetings continue to be on the second Wednesday of the month, prior to regular board meetings, would be decided in future months.

• • •

Mark Schaller submitted photos of his vehicle’s transmission, which suffered an estimated $2,300 in damage when he hit a pothole on Sherman Avenue. Since there were no signs warning of the pothole, Schaller was seeking reparation from the village.

“We sent this off to our insurance company, and they denied it,” Schmitt said.

Director of Public Works Shawn Bigelow said he’d known of the pothole and had filled it several times with gravel. But there was never a warning sign.

Discussing the incident, board members agreed that the village should have either fixed the pothole or put up a warning. They agreed the village was responsible and questioned why the village’s insurance denied the claim. “That is why we have insurance,”

Trustee Leighton Holtz said.

The board voted unanimously to resubmit the claim and to follow up by talking with someone at the insurance company.

A few months ago, Arlo Neumann told the board the beverage cooler at the park had stopped working. Estimated repair costs were close to that of a new cooler — about $2,000. Bill Such from Sherman Station recently informed Schmitt of two used coolers in the area. Schmitt purchased them for $225 each. Public Works worker Dennis Hartwig cleaned them up and they are ready to use. Board members agreed the village had received a good value.

Bigelow brought to the board’s attention that the siren platform needs to be repaired.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will soon mandate lower phosphorous levels being output by wastewater treatment plants. Bigelow said, “Right now, we’re putting out, I think, about three parts per million of phosphorous.”

He said, with the planned upgrade to the Onion River Wastewater plant, which will cost an estimated $1.75 million, that number should get down to about .5 parts per million.

But the DNR’s new mandate will be .075 parts per million.

Bigelow said reaching that lower number would cost the village about another million dollars in special equipment. “That last little bit to get down is so expensive,” he said.

There are people meeting the lower level, he said, “but they have much bigger budgets than what we have. They have the funds to purchase this kind of equipment.”

Schmitt said he signed a petition that about 75 other municipalities had signed, asking that the mandated phosphorous level not be so expensively low.

The board unanimously approved:

• Closing down Seifert Street on Sept. 23 for the Adell Fire Department Raffle/ Mini-Bowling Tournament.

• Water relief credits for Arush Chahal and Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

Police report for the past month: Four warnings; four complaints investigated (possible probation violation at Park [no violation located]; parking issue [owner removed]; engine braking complaint [company owning trucks spoken to]; truck hit utility lines); seven property checks; no citations, arrests made, traffic accidents investigated, court appearances or warrants.

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