To the Editor,

A recent letter to the editor suggests that conservatives and Trump voters view this country as a white country and that we will go to any lengths to keep it that way.

My first comment is to ask the writer why all Democrat and leftist politics must be about race, gender, and a multitude of other victim groups? And why are white males targeted as enemy number one?

Shouldn’t politics be about balancing budgets, providing services, and maintaining order? If you are wondering why the Democrats are losing elections it is because this country does not want racial strife, we want a functioning government.

Many accept as true that Democrats promote equal rights of racial minorities. Look a little closer and you will find reasons to believe that they are the enemy of those same people that they claim to protect. For example:

1) Planned Parenthood is a Democrat creation that aborts a disproportionate number of black and brown babies.

2) The schools that are in total control of leftists, particularly in the minority areas of the cities, are doing their best to keep that population dumbed down. If blacks and browns want a decent education and the ability to compete for good jobs, they are forced to find other options than the public schools in Democrat controlled cities.

3) In the cities, the minority areas are unsafe. The police do not protect the local population because of fear of the political consequences. For sure, law and order is a prerequisite to prosperity. When leftist politicians let thugs run rampant, innocent people are hurt and another generation of unhappy minorities are born - if they can survive Planned Parenthood.

We need to look at the facts to find out who really is advocating for the minority groups. Hint: It’s not the leftist Democrats.

Dennis Gasper

Chair, Republican Party of Sheboygan County

Readers Comments

Again, I “gasp” at this
Submitted by on Wed, 2017-09-27 11:43.
Again, I “gasp” at this writer’s letter. Why does he use such hateful language, innuendoes, and misrepresentations to express his concerns? He epitomizes the Republican Party today. That Party is basically a coalition of grievances united by one thing…hatred. Hatred of immigrants, hatred of minorities, hatred of intellectuals, hatred of gays, feminists and many other groups too numerous to mention. What binds them together is hatred of Democrats because that Party is welcoming to every group that Republicans reject. The Republican Party is in trouble. A new Republican coalition must be assembled, purged of the haters and “Know-Nothings” Party types that are characterized by racism, bigotry, populism and rule by plutocrats. They have an obsession with self-defense, allegiance to evangelical Christianity, chauvinism, xenophobia and other cultural characteristics that are still found in the South. Our country looks forward to a new Republican coalition!
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