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I F THE GENERAL PUBLIC knows anything about the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, it would probably be the major public events it sponsors each year.

While Mill Street Fest, the Holiday Gathering Parade and other chamber sponsored events are a highlight of every year in Plymouth, the chamber’s value to the city goes far beyond those activities and reaches to every corner of the city.

With Gov. Scott Walker having declared September Chamber of Commerce Month in the state of Wisconsin, it’s a good time to take a closer look at all local chambers do for their communities.

“Chambers are central to Wisconsin’s local economies,” Philip Fritsche, president of the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce and Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives Advisory Board chair, stated. “In most places, the chamber is involved in all major local decision making either as a facilitator or advocate for its members.”

That is certainly true here in Plymouth and in the county as a whole.

The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Executive Director Mary Hauser and Tourism/Chamber Assistant Angie Paape, is a vital force in the life in the city of Plymouth.

The chamber provides support in many forms to local business and industry in all parts of the city, which in turn provides the lifeblood of the community through jobs, services, goods and income.

The chamber provides that support through a number of ways, according to Hauser.

That ranges from directing visitors and newcomers to local businesses for their needs, sponsoring seminars on business issues and tips for their members to help them operate more efficiently and effectively, providing advertising opportunities, holding job fairs to connect employers with potential employees, spotlighting member businesses on social media and through public events and much more.

The chamber also promotes the city to businesses and industries looking for a place to call home and to visitors looking for a place to come to.

“When people call for services, we refer them only to local member businesses,” Hauser stated – a Plymouth-first service that can’t be found anywhere else.

The chamber also works constantly to promote Plymouth’s many attractions for visitors and newcomers.

“We make sure people know Plymouth is a great place to visit and a great place to work,” Hauser pointed out.

In addition to spreading the word about Plymouth, the chamber takes an active role in creating the events and attractions that draw visitors and newcomers here.

Admittedly, the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce has a great product to promote and sell in the city of Plymouth and its many charms.

But those charms lose their luster if there is no one there to make all of that known far and wide, and if there’s no one to help coordinate efforts to keep them shining and add more charms to the list.

The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce has been doing a terrific job of all that for many years and will continue to do so in the future, with the continued support of a community that may not always recognize what the chamber does, but can see all around them all the time the fruits of those efforts.

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