Building Permits

City of Sheboygan Falls, May 2017

Lyle Seider, 208 Broadway St., garage doors, fence, driveway, $3,500.

Brian Voight, 766 Pine St., remove and replace roof shingles, $2,500.

Alan Preder, 724 Richardson Ave., replace bathtub, $4,500.

Drew Hake, 993, River Meadows Drive, replace deck, boards, $9,000.

Lucas Schuren, 609 Leavens Ave., replace driveway, $3,100.

Mark Schear, 312 Leavens Ave., install central air, $5,600.

Thomas Nabak, N5376 Meadowlark Road, concrete patio, $6,000.

Brad Billmann, 1126 Broadway St., replace roof shingles, $5,000.

Eric Mehan, 319 Adams St., widen driveway, $1,400.

James Westphal, 500 Forest Blvd., new cabinets, two sinks, $19,000.

Patrick, Pentek, 142 Concord Drive, fence in back yard, $2,000.

Dan Even, 608 Detroit St., yard shed, $2,400.

Michael Smith, 116 Giddings Ave, remove and replace roof shingles, $8,400.

Dave Marusich, 880 Monroe St., remove and replace roof shingles, $13,000.

Wibke and Paul Sjollema, 767 Old County Road PP, expand driveway and yard shed, $8,000.

Richard Bemis, 100 Alfred Miley Ave., install mechanical systems, $432,000.

Ron Sheldon, 542 Western Ave., remove and replace roof shingles, $7,000.

Dan Even, 501 North Main St., fence, replace two windows $3,500.

Maureen Rudebeck, 133 Kay Ave., install drain tile to sump pump, $3,000.

Jerry Selk, 124 Broadway St., concrete utility slab, $1,000.

Riverview Condos, First and Second Streets, replace six window frames, $4,000.

Susan Kent, 230 Giddings Ave., new shed, replace part of roof, $2,000.

Kim Lewis, 212 Fond du Lac Ave., electrical work in bath, $200.

Al Preder, 715 Buffalo St., repair lead service leak, $1,000.

Marshall Shird, 729 Denison Circle, replace air conditioner, $2,900.

Kim Brion, 74 Bryant Court, concrete patio, $4,500.

Carolina Voss, 117 Concord Drive, replace one window and same siding, $800.

Timothy Wolf, 132 Westridge Drive, replace patio door with window, $1,600.

Larry Panzer, 532 Westwood Drive, complete remodel of bath and half bath, $52,000.

Ronald and Joyce Holder, 305 Poplar St., driveway addition and replace stairs, $8,500.

The Bull, One Long Drive, HVAC mechanical work, $10,000.

Charles Meves, 187 Fox Glove Lane, deck addition and pergola, $6,900.

Jeff Wallner, 149 Amherst Ave., tuck point and brick repair, $2,400.

Kimberly Strahl, 534 Western Ave., replace roof shingles, $1,600.

Tyler Bowe, 512 Forest Blvd., replace roof with metal roof, $3,800.

Curt Joa, 100 Crocker Av., replace part of roof, $254,000.

Julie Gebert, 1204 Fox Glove Lane, replace deck boards, $1,000.

Rick Schneider, 336 Adams St., replace fence, $1,200.

Rita Zehr, 693 River Oaks Drive, remove and replace roof shingles, $17,900.

Dave Marten, 615 Mark Ave., replace air conditioning unit, $2,200.

Dave Marten, 1007 Green Acres Drive, replace air conditioning unit, $2,200.

Robert and Sandra Weber, 618 David Ave., fence-rear yard, $1,800.

The Bull, One Long Drive, replace three and add one air conditioner, $38,000.

Sheboygan Falls Schools, 2 Alfred Miley Ave., early start-evacuation and footings, $40,000.

Pat Schroeder, 736 Western Ave., replace overhead door, $1,300.

Kenneth Walter, 935 Iroquois Trail, replace patio door and one window, $4,600.

Anthony Papa, 343 Prospect Ave., basement framing and finish work, $4,000.

Carrie Odekirk, 315 Monroe St., remodel interior and electrical work, $3,000.

Kris Hendrickson, 722 Redwood, concrete patio, $4,500.

Dan Pfister, 230 Fallen Oaks Lane, build stairs and landing, $1,800.

Scott Timm, 197 North Sixth St., yard shed, $5,400.

Justin Daniels, 417 State St., yard shed, $5,400.

Erick and Trisha Toebe, 224 Monroe St., remodel interior of dwelling, $116,000.

Zach and Allison Norman, 261 North Sixth St., new one-family dwelling, $195,000.

Bart and Carla Behling, 122 Menominee Drive, electrical work for hot tub, $100.

Eric and Misty Herren, 232 Buffalo St., remove and replace roof, $10,500.

Derek Ottman, 637 Richardson Ave., above-ground pool, $5,000.

Jason Miller, 110 Tower Drive, replace front and patio doors, $4,600.

Todd King, 617 Oak St., yard shed, $2,00.

Lowell Bruggink, 631 Mark Ave., deck, ramp, six windows, doors, $13,300.

Total building permits May 2017 - $1,395,700

Total building permits year to date 2017 - $7,306,800.

Total building permits net increase 2017/2016 - $5,334,500.

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