School bus safety should be prioritized

To the Editor:

I am a concerned parent of a Sheboygan Falls Elementary School student.

Let me start off by saying that we are very privileged to have busing services for our children to provide safe and efficient rides safely to and from school.

When I was a child, I always had to have a note to even step foot on a friend’s bus to go home with them.

Today, any child can walk on any bus and get off wherever they please. What happened to safety first?

Do people and/or companies not realize that we live in a very cruel world where abduction happens on a daily basis?

I personally put 100 percent trust in our school district and busing company to keep my child safe and bring them where his drop-off form states.

Why do families fill out forms if no one even looks at them? Anyone can pick up any child at any given time?

More enforcement needs to take place. What can our school district and Heidenreiter Bus Co. not see about this?

The Sheboygan Falls bus drivers are just cruising by their days with no safety of children in mind.

Without safety and rules, chaos occurs. I personally have been in situations where my child was not dropped off where he needed to be.

This is the most gutwrenching feeling a parent can go through. Can someone please enlighten me as to how we as a community can get through to them that our teachers need to monitor where our children are going at the end of the day?

Our bus drivers also need to be regulating who is on their bus . I am outraged that this issue just gets bypassed and we are not stricter with the well being of these kids.

Jennifer Hardenburg

Sheboygan Falls

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