Williams leaves council with wise words

ALDERMAN DAVID WILLIAMS MADE some salient points in his farewell remarks to the Plymouth City Council last week.

Williams, who is moving to Sheboygan Falls, is leaving the council after serving five and a-half years representing the 1st District on the city’s northeast side.

He was re-elected to a third two-year term on the council this April and it will be up to the council to fill the vacancy.

Naming someone to the council will be an easy task; filling Williams’ shoes on the council will be a greater challenge.

Williams set a commendable standard during his tenure on the council.

He was diligent in researching issues that came before the council, seeking out input from all parties and interests before reaching a carefully-considered conclusion. He kept an open mind to all viewpoints and opinions, giving them all a fair hearing.

That was reflected when he spoke during council meetings on any issues. Williams could be depended on to make comments that were reasoned, well-supported and to the point.

Perhaps his greatest service during his tenure on the council was as the city’s liaison to the Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition.

The coalition — which operates the Plymouth Adult Community Center among other operations at the Generations inter-generational center — and the city — which provides significant funding for the PACC — had been experiencing some rocky patches before Williams took on the job of liaison.

With his ability to see all sides and bring them together, Williams was able to smooth out the differences, suggest solutions and procedures that satisfied both sides and met their needs, and bring the two sides together to work for common purposes.

In his farewell remarks, Williams characteristically gave profuse thanks to his fellow council members, city staff, managers and employees for their support and willingness to provide information and answers to questions when needed.

That was well-earned thanks, as the city is fortunate to have people at every level government who typify the best attributes of public servants and always put the public interest at the forefront.

But it also takes people like David Williams, open-minded and dedicated to those same attributes, to ensure that all of that is reflected on the City Council, where the final decisions are made on so many issues.

In closing his remarks, Williams addressed his fellow citizens of Plymouth about their city government.

“It’s city government, your local government, that affects you most. If you ever had a problem or you want to affect the city of Plymouth, this is where you start,” he said in urging city residents to become more involved in city government and consider running for the council.

That’s a perfect summation and a proper challenge to the citizenry. As was so often the case, no one could have said it better than Williams. His is a voice that will be missed in the city.

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