Sherman approves subdivision

Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

SHERMAN — The Town Board had a lot to review and discuss at its Oct. 3 meeting, which lasted two and a half hours.

The night started with a public hearing. No questions or challenges were raised by board members or the public for two matters: a conditional use permit from Brian and Courtney Eder to construct a residence and a need for land owned by Joel and Whitney Nyhof to be rezoned due to a clerical error.

The public hearing was adjourned and the regular board meeting convened, during which both issues were approved.

The board next reviewed the Country Meadow Estates subdivision.

Board members, town attorney Ed Ritger, Plan Commission Chair James Ellis and developer Dave Borchardt discussed issues addressed at the Sherman Plan Commission meeting Sept. 6. Three handouts - including an updated development agreement, a storm water management agreement, and a diagram of the planned subdivision - were referred to throughout the presentation.

The board voted unanimously (with Supervisor Kris Klein absent) to approve:

• The development agreement between the developers and the town.

• Authorizing the town chairman and town clerk to sign partial releases of real estate security agreements for lots sold in 2017.

• The final plat for Country Meadow Estates.

• The Ken Strack farm to haul loads from the south side of Abbott Drive to the north side, under advisement of Supervisor Kris Klein.


Michelle Strauss and Debbie Harmeling, representing The Horton Group, presented the board with a proposed insurance package covering the town and the Silver Creek Fire Department. Strauss and Harmeling said their company’s proposal offers coverage they estimated to be closer to replacement costs of fire department equipment, at a cost only slightly higher than that of the town’s current coverage.

“It’s our role to be the independent agent that represents the town,” said Strauss. “We’re here to provide guidance, to make sure the town is really protected. We do this kind of analysis to make sure you have exactly what you need. It would be a little disappointing if you had a shortfall of $200,000 on a piece of apparatus that is destroyed, and you found the cost for insurance was $150 [more than currently being paid]. So we want to alert you to some of those things we would recommend.”

Strauss listed the replacement costs for several firefighting equipment items and the lower amounts they were currently covered for.

Town Chairman William Goehring told Strauss and Harmeling that their rates appeared to be “fairly competitive” with the town’s current insurance, which expires in December. The town would pay $336 more for the proposed package than it paid this past year for its current insurance.

Goehring asked if Strauss and Harmeling could meet with the fire chief. “We would welcome that opportunity,” Strauss replied.


The board reviewed a preliminary 2018 town budget.

Resident Michael Daggett asked the board for more time to raze a building on his property. He said he could accomplish this by Jan. 1 and the board gave him until that time.

The board is still looking for an individual to serve as a representative to the Lakeview Library. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact the town office.

The next regular board meeting would have been Tues., Nov. 7, but due to a conflict the board rescheduled that meeting to Wed., Nov. 8. This meeting will include a public hearing for the 2018 town budget at which residents have the opportunity to vote on the budget.

The board unanimously approved:

• Authorizing the town chairman and clerk to sign the county’s revenue sharing agreement. • A resolution exempting the town from a library tax, allowing the town to pay directly to the Lakeview Community Library the amount it would be taxed. • A 2 percent raise for Town Clerk/Treasurer Rhonda Klatt.

Building permits: Allen Huiras, garage; Angel Borchardt, window; Dave Kaiser, garage; Nicole Carini, shed; Ryan Albinger, electrical; Ed Napolean, addition; Michael Daggett, razing; Steve Jungers, electrical; Barbian, electrical; Jim Peterson, new home, HVAC, plumbing; Jeff Hiller, shed; Brett Schulz, addition.

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