Downtown adding more great features

THE PIECES ARE COMING together for a spectacular downtown riverfront park area.

Two years ago, city officials commissioned a Mullet River Corridor Study to detail possible future developments and upgrades to the river that flows through the heart of the city.

One portion of that study recommended upgrades to help make the area between Mill Street and the river in downtown Plymouth a more attractive, welcoming and enjoyable area for all.

The area had been the subject of many studies, plans and proposals over the years, nearly of all which never advanced beyond the concept state.

But this time, the city has stepped up to move beyond just the idea stage.

Long months of work, by the city and in conjunction with private groups and service organizations, are leading to some tangible – and exciting – new features.

It was preceded by a lot of preliminary work, such as relocating overhead electric service lines underground, removing the ramp to the municipal parking structure and more.

But now several new structures are in process and near completion that will make the area a true community highlight.

A much-needed public restroom facility is being finished next to the parking entrance alley opposite Division Street. It will help to make public events of all kinds downtown – from parades to festivals to shopping events and more – more visitor friendly, helping to boost attendance.

Spearheaded by the Plymouth Lions Club, a new inclusive playground area is being installed in the Stayer Park area. The Lions led a fundraising effort that raised $600,000 for the sparkling playground, with features accessible to all users and with a unique Plymouth-based theme.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, a third feature of the new downtown public area is also going up – an open-air park shelter/ performance pavilion on the bank of the Mullet River.

The original MSA study envisioned the pavilion, designed to mimic a mill wheel, “as part of developing a unified brand for the area consistent with existing marketing and logo efforts of the city. The shelter area will provide a space for concerts, picnics and special events. It is conceptually located to provide views from East Mill Street.”

All of these facilities – along with planned future enhancements like a new dog park, new lighting, trail and sidewalk improvements and more – will add to the existing attractions of downtown, from unique shops, stores and restaurants to attractive museums and galleries and, of course, our signature mural gallery.

The goal is to strengthen downtown as the center of the community and to enhance the experience of visitors to downtown, whether for special events or just to enjoy its beauty and charms.

That, in turn, will contribute to the overall strength and vitality of the city as a whole, making it an even better place to visit and live.

Best of all, this is being accomplished through a strong partnership between the city and local businesses, organizations and civic groups, all working together for a common goal of improving and enhancing our hometown.

The final picture promises to be a stunning beauty.

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